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The Importance of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Fleet Organizations
Simran Kaur
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Published on 16th Jan 22

The Importance of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Fleet Organizations

With the transition to electrified transportation becoming more imminent, let's examine why the transition represents an incredible opportunity for businesses and public organizations.

As we continue to make progress toward decarbonizing the electricity supply, the next major sustainability challenge will be transportation. Businesses can make a significant contribution to mitigating the threat of climate change by transitioning to electric fleet vehicles, providing on-site charging for employees, and converting parking lots into EV-friendly areas.

However, the benefits to business extend beyond simply having a positive impact on the environment.

There’s no time like now | Why organizations should consider and implement electric vehicles?

1. Cut costs and boost output

Employers can save money by switching to EVs. Organizations can save a good amount of money by reducing fuel costs and using government incentives and tax breaks.

Maintenance costs are reduced because EVs are more reliable than ICE vehicles and often provide better data to enable more proactive maintenance. Moreover, charging employees while they work can improve productivity and ensure that fleet drivers start the day fully charged, increasing overall savings.

2. Improve your eco-credentials

Reduce your carbon footprint to become a more sustainable organization. Businesses and governments that provide EV charging infrastructure and convert fleets to EVs can help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and encourage broader EV adoption. And organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of this role.

3. Create new value sources

Electric vehicle charging stations can be a source of value for your company in several ways. Business owners who install on-site generation and storage infrastructure to support EV charging can directly profit from energy efficiency strategies and supply-side incentives. These opportunities will only grow with emerging vehicle-to-grid tech.

Beneficiaries are also indirect. Retailers and leisure companies can monetize their EV facilities by installing charging infrastructure. Research also shows that on-site charging encourages customers to stay longer in-store, resulting in higher per-customer spend.

4. Improve employee retention and satisfaction

Employees benefit from improved health and safety due to reduced exposure to harmful NO2 and other pollutants. Installing EV infrastructure like smart-charging can boost driver confidence by providing easy access to on-site charging, encouraging EV adoption for both fleet and personal use.

Improved fleet driver experience reduces commute costs, reduces breakdown risk, and manages range anxiety. Compared to internal combustion engines, EVs have fewer moving parts, allowing them to last longer.

Taking steps to reduce your company's carbon footprint has been shown to increase employee engagement, employer attractiveness, retention, and cheaper commuting

5. Strengthen your brand image

Regulators are constantly changing, but switching to EVs protects your organization's reputation by reducing the risk of non-compliance. 30 percent of fleet managers are considering EV adoption due to legal and regulatory concerns.

Companies that adopt EVs can improve their brand reputation by demonstrating green leadership and stronger sustainability credentials, increasing customer loyalty, appealing to potential new recruits, and improving employee engagement.

How Kazam EV Solutions can help?

Kazam EV Solutions' integrated package of charging infrastructure and software, as well as on-site energy solutions, provides the expert support necessary to seize the opportunity to transition to emission-free transportation. We can provide organizations with the end-to-end support they require to use EV to benefit the environment and their competitiveness.

Kazam EV solution enables the electrification of entire fleets and the installation of charging stations in workplaces, bus depots, and public spaces. We can provide complete infrastructure and energy support throughout the life of the vehicle – from charger procurement to optimization services.


Our sustainable solution

With our suite of infrastructure and services, you can provide on-site charging for your workers, customers, and constituents, make money, and become more sustainable.

As more workers, customers, and the general public transition to electric cars, the need for convenient charging stations near places we work, shop, and visit grows.

Contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in a realistic way with Kazam EV Solutions' end-to-end electric vehicle charging solution for workplaces, public spaces, and fleets, which enables a more rapid, easy, and cost-effective makeover. For more information Visit: Kazam EV | Solutions for Offices!

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