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Supernova Electric Vehicle- Sports car in India
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Published on 28th Jan 21

Supernova Electric Vehicle- Sportscar in India

Gujarat is growing as a state which is making electric sports car in India. It is the first state which is making sports cars in the electrical category. This is the second company in India after the Mahindra Reva which is completely making electric cars. This is India’s first electric sports car. Most of the manufacturers are building prototypes to indicate that they are seriously considering ditching the gas-guzzling combustion engines and switch over to a far simpler and eco-friendly electric technology to sustain a better life for the generations to come. Also, they are beating the ever-rising prices of gasoline.

 Batteries in Supernova Electric sports car.

This is one of the best electric sports car which is named as SNEV that is Supernova Electric Vehicle. It is manufactured at the Aslali facility of the company that is located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Supernova Electric Vehicle is available in three variants based on the battery used in the car. 

They are as follows-

  • Lead-Acid battery– It weighs 300 kg (120 volts) which requires eight hours to get charged.
  • Lithium-ion battery- It weighs 120 kg and charges up in two hours.
  • Super Capacitors battery- It weighs 20 kg and takes 5 minutes to charge.

The manufacturing company is following Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ vision seriously with the showcase of its electric car as a ‘Made in Gujarat’ car. One of the aerospace engineer is the founder of the company. Company allocated 100 acres of land for setting up a plant. Also, the company is further looking up for odds to set up a plant in Gujarat.

Price of the Supernova electric vehicle.

The company seems quite ambitious and is already under talks to set up plants at Chhattisgarh after making plans to set up plans in Gujarat. The car can go for almost 1000 kilometers on 1 charge. Also, the pricing of this car is estimated to begin from Rs.15 lakh onwards and go all the way till Rs.25 lakhs, whereas a family sedan is in the making as well which will come under the Rs.8 – 12 lakh rupee bracket.

Variants of supernova electric vehicle.

Company is waiting for external funding, which will help in starting the venture. The design of this amazing sports car is ready and it has been sent to ARAI for homologation testing. Car will be available in three different variants and all three different kinds of batteries are used in it which are lead-acid, lithium, and supercapacitors. The lead-acid batteries weigh is about 300kgs and it takes 8 hours to recharge as well as the lithium batteries weight is about 120kgs and require 2 hours to recharge, while the supercapacitor ones are 20kgs and need only 5 minutes to get full charged. The supercar can be driven up to a range of 140kms and a top speed of 150km/hr could be attained.

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