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Subsidiaries on Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Varnika Jain
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Published on 22nd Sep 21

Subsidiaries on Electric Vehicle Charging Station


With soaring fuel prices, the government of India is planning to give more subsidiaries on charging stations so that people can switch to alternatives. The government is deploying 5,000 electric charging stations in cities and highways. This plan aims to shift the 40% fleet to battery-operated vehicles. Currently, there are 150 charging stations in India.

How does EVCS work?

It gets control from the nearby power supply and uses a control framework and wired association with securely charged EVs. An EVCS control framework empowers different capacities like client verification, approval for charging, data recording and trade for the network the board, and information security.

Subsidiaries provided by different states

Andhra Pradesh

1) Capital appropriation of 25% of gear and hardware for DC chargers for initial 100 and 300 chargers—for chargers 100 V also, up and under 100 V, individually. 


1) Public EV charging stations to be qualified for 25% capital endowment on gear/hardware (restricted to INR 5 lakhs per station) for initial 500 stations. 


1) Sponsorship of 30% on the establishment of home chargers and 15% for charging framework organizations. 


1) 100% appropriation for the acquisition of energizing gear to INR 6,000 for each charging point will be installed. The first 30,000 charges focus on private and non-private structures. 


1) Investment Subsidy on first 100 chargers installed. Incentives to both EV chargers manufacturers and EV producers. 


1) The electricity board of Kerala will set up an initial charging station with a swapping station. 

Madhya Pradesh

1) Capital Subsidy of 25% of the worth of the charging station gear/hardware for the initial 300 little charging stations, initial 100 medium charging stations, and initial 100 big charging stations. 


1) An endowment of 25% or INR 10 lakhs, whichever is less, on the initial 250 charging stations that will be installed close to  

transport terminals, petroleum siphons, and public parking spaces. 


1) 25% capital sponsorship for initial 1000 charging focuses (half for hardware produced in Punjab). Cutoff of INR 50,000 for every charging point (INR 1 lakh for hardware manufactured in Punjab)

Tamil Nadu

1) Public charging infra will be arranged by TANGEDCO or through the PPP model.


1) Private municipalities will be asked to create charging stations of capital sponsorship of up to 25%, covered at ten lakhs for each station with four quick chargers.

Uttar Pradesh

1) Power supply at industrially reasonable rates—strategy will be presented by the Department of Power within 90 days of working. Capital subsidy to support units setting up charging stations furthermore, exception of power obligation for such help units. 


1) Focuses on 100% zap of public vehicles, including e-transports, shared portability including e-bicycles, cabs, and merchandise transport utilizing electric 2-, 3- and 4-wheelers and different transport vehicles in five need urban communities by 2030. The capital subsidiary, on the initial 100,000 EV purchasers from engine vehicles for a very long time. 


The COVID-19 financial slump and related upgrade expected to modify in India present a chance to help the auto business through an interest in electric versatility, particularly electric vehicle charging foundation. Putting resources into electric versatility at the public and state level, as a feature of the financial predicament, will assist with accomplishing India's objectives to make occupations, diminish air contamination, and battle environmental change.

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