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Shifting Gears: Women to run Ola e-scooter factory
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Published on 24th Sep 21

Shifting Gears: Women to run Ola e-scooter factory

With its new electric-scooter factory, Ola Electric Mobility intends on producing 15 percent of the world's e-scooters by 2022, with an all-female workforce. Ola Electric has stated that their Futurefactory would employ over 10,000 women. The Ola Futurefactory will be operated exclusively by women, according to the brand's CEO. The firm also stated that the Ola Futurefactory welcomed the first batch this week and operated at good capacity. Furthermore, with over 10,000 female employees, the Ola Futurefactory is the world's largest women-only factory. The Ola Futurefactory is the world's only all-female car production plant.

About Ola Startup

The e-mobility firm, led by Bhavish Aggarwal, is a follow-up to ride-hailing startup Ola, which is set to go public next year and has announced a 2,400 crore investment last year to establish what it calls a FutureFactory. In the first phase, the facility is planned to start with an annual manufacturing capacity of 1 million units, which will be increased to 2 million if demand increases. According to Ola, it would have a capacity of ten million units.

Economic Opportunities for Women

Ola Electric is launching an endeavour to build a more diverse staff. Women will benefit from the Ola Electric Futurefactory's economic prospects. Ola Electric has declared that the firm has made substantial investments in personnel training for them to be in charge of the whole production. It comprises the production of every car produced by Ola Futurefactory. According to Ola Electric, only giving women equal pay in the labour field may increase India's GDP by 27%. Women who have economic possibilities benefit not only their families but also the entire community.


Ola Electric Futurefactory

Women's involvement in the manufacturing sector is still at only 12%, according to Ola Electric. If women are up-skilled, India, according to the company, could become a global manufacturing powerhouse. The firm will create more possibilities for women in the workforce. The Futurefactory was developed on 500 acres of land in the Tamil Nadu region of Krishnagiri by Ola Electric. The Megablock, which covers 43 acres and 2 million square feet, is home to the Futurefactory's production facilities. At peak capacity, the Ola Futurefactory will churn out 10 million scooters every two seconds. The Ola Futurefactory will, however, operate in the first phase.

The official statement by Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

“Giving women economic opportunity improves not just their lives, but the lives of their families and, indeed, the whole community,” Aggarwal added. "Women make up just 12% of the local manufacturing business, according to the creator", and “for India to remain the world's manufacturing powerhouse, we must prioritise upskilling and providing jobs for our women workforce,” he writes on his blog.

According to CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, this will be the world's largest women-only factory and the world's first such automobile production plant. He stated that the firm is upskilling its workers since its plant is considerably more modern than most of the automotive industry is accustomed to. “This is the first in a series of initiatives that Ola is doing to build a more inclusive workforce and give economic possibilities for women across the board.



With its gross domestic product dropping roughly 24 per cent from April 2020 to June 2021, India's unemployment rate is particularly high due to the pandemic-related economic slowdown, and employment rates for women are at historic lows compared to previous decades. As a result of the recession, India's economy shrank for the first time in decades. Vaccines are helping the economy recover, even though the country is still dealing with the pandemic. Ola has made a significant contribution to the expansion of India's GDP.

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