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Series S by Ola electric is sold directly to the buyers via home delivery
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Published on 2nd Aug 21

Series S by Ola electric is sold directly to the buyers via home delivery

Ola Electric is making its long way to launch its first e-scooter named Series S- in the coming days. The company opened bookings for the Ola Series S on 15 July, along with the reservation amount fixed a fully refundable 499INR. The most cheering moment is that there have been one lakh orders for the e-scooter within 24 hours.

Ola Electric to engage direct-to-consumer sales model

Being a fresher in the scooter business, Ola Electric- which views as a tech mobility start-up and not a vehicle manufacturer- has adopted a different approach when compared to established two-wheeler brands. Ola will hire a D2C sales model so, the complete process would be between manufacturer and buyer.

Ola has set up a different logistics department to ease the direct purchase process, letting prospective customers complete documentation, loan applications, and other online steps. These logistics teams would see the scooter being registered and delivered to a buyer’s home. While leading carmakers such as Mercedes Benz and Jaguar Land Rover have been facilitating home deliveries of cars. Whereas, Ola will be the first player to plan a model of this sort at a large scale.

This approach saves Ola the resources required to install an expansive retail chain, which also means the company can meet pretty much demand in any location across India. Be it in a Tier- III or metro city whoever wants to buy an Ola E-scooter will be able to do so regardless of location Ola, will make sure the Series S would reach the buyers.

Additionally, Ola is all set to open ‘experience centers’ – much like Ather Energy’s ‘Ather Space’ outlets- for the buyers for a test drive and person look out.


Could Ola Electric go for remote servicing?

Many users have queries regarding after-sales support. But keeping in mind the company’s approach of selling online, the concerns could be solved easily by providing remote service support to customers. Ola would arrange for service staff to visit the owner at their residence and carry out any maintenance work.

Ola Electric Series S e-scooter is expected to range from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.1 lakh.

Ola Electric scooter is expected to be available in S1 and range-topping Ola S1 Pro variants. Colour variants are matte black, matte pink, sky blue, white, and more. Ola has unleashed the scooter that can be charged using a standard 5A socket or at its ‘Hypercharger’ charging stations.

The range of the Ola Electric series is to be more than 100 kilometers. In the coming days, Ola Electric is expected to come with a price tag of Rs 80,000 and Rs 1.1lakh.

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