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Revised Maharashtra EV Policy 2021
Samiksha Patil
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Published on 28th Jul 21

Revised Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

Electric vehicles are the key to electric mobility and sustainability, which leads to a better environment.

State EV policy was announced back in 2018 (one of the 1st states to launch EV Policy), which was revised on 13th of July 2021 and will be applicable till 31st of March 2025. The government of Maharashtra will look towards the review and extension of the policy. The policy amount announced was Rs 930 crore.


About Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

The revised Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 aims to strengthen demand and supply chain. The policy also focuses on increasing the battery electric vehicles in the state.

The Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 current vision supporting as-well-as adopt sustainable growth and clean energies in the state. Maharashtra aims to maintain the lead in automobile manufacturing in India and to upgrow its Electric vehicle sector.


Plans covered in Maharashtra EV Policy 2021

Subsidiary for electric four-wheelers

The incentive for an electric four-wheeler, be it an electric car or SUV Rs 5000 per kWh of battery capacity. And electric vehicles with a battery capacity of up to 30kWh can reach up to Rs 1.5 lakh. The policy has additional incentives of up to 1lakh for an electric car or SUV buyer willing to buy by the 31st of December 2021. Maharashtra government is looking forward to subsidizing 10,000 electric cars and SUVs by 2025.


Subsidiary for Electric two-wheeler

The Maharashtra EV policy will be subsidizing the first 100,000 electric two-wheelers. The incentives are Rs 5000 per kWh of battery capacity. A buyer willing to buy a two-wheeler with a battery capacity of 3kWh, by 31st of December 2021 will get an additional incentive of 15,000.


Charging infrastructure incentives

Infrastructure can be the key to the rise of electric vehicles and lead the state to electric mobility. By the end of 2025 Maharashtra government aims to set up around 2500 charging stations in seven urban agglomerates. Mumbai is going to be the dominating region among these, with 1500 charging stations. Secondly, Pune with 500 charging stations, Nashik with 150 charging stations, Nagpur with 150 charging stations, Aurangabad with 75 charging stations, Amravati with 30 charging stations, and Solapur with 20 charging stations. Incentive over the charging station is Rs 10,000 on the early 15,000 slow chargers and Rs 5Lakh over early 500 fast chargers.


Electrifying Public transport

Maharashtra government is working towards Electrifying the 25 percent of Public as-well-as last-mile delivery by 2025 in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad. The policy offers a Rs 30,000 incentive on three-wheelers and Rs 20 lakh on electric buses.


Planning of Gigafactory

Maharashtra government is working on adding a supply-side incentive in the upcoming period. The policy is not yet disclosed in the Maharashtra Ev policy 2021. But the government has mentioned upcoming incentives for EV production facilities, advanced chemistry cell battery factories, and component manufacturing plants. Maharashtra government also told the new residential building, the new residential buildings must have 20% of the parking space Electric vehicle friendly.



Maharashtra strives to become an electric vehicle hub by making it easy for the manufacturer and consumer through various incentives and subsidies. Maharashtra has maintained its lead in the manufacturing, finance, and industrial sector for years and now working towards capturing and growing the Electric Vehicle industry in the state. The revised Maharashtra EV Policy 2021 is a major booster to the current EV sector in Maharashtra.

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