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PURE EV ETrace v/s ETRON Plus
Samiksha Patil
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Published on 26th Jul 21

PURE EV ETrace v/s ETRON Plus

Pure Electric Vehicles stands for Power Using Renewable Energy, is a leading Electric Vehicle start-up in India. The start-up was found in the year 2015 by Dr. Nishanth Dongari and Rohit Vadera. The company manufacturers two-wheelers under PURE EV and lithium batteries under PURE Lithium. The blog will further review 2 of its manufactured bikes which are the ETrace and the Etron Plus. Their other products consist of EPluto 7G, Entrance NEO, and Li Battery.



ETrace is known as India's 1st Electric mobike. ETrace is configurated for metro and urban cities with a high level of traffic.


ETrace is an electric mobike with a Drum brake (front and rare), cast aluminum tube tire, dual suspension, and 70km of range once charged. ETrace is a self-start bike with a digital, telescopic front suspension and alloy chassis. This mobike is a single-seater.


Max Torque of 60Nm, Hum motor drive type, and has an engine immobilizer.


ETrace has a lithium-ion battery, power of 1000w, 70km/charged, and an LED turn signal lamp. Consists of a digital low battery indicator and anti-theft alarm.


Tyre sized Front 2.5-18 and Rear 2.5-18 whereas wheel sized Front 457.2 mm and Rear 457.2 mm.


ETrace has enhanced colour varies like a black, white, yellow, blue, and dark pink.

Price and warranty

Ex-Showroom Price

Rs. 51,999 and 2 years Warranty.



PURE Etron+

PURE Etron+ is an Electric bicycle an attempted to make it cool and switch to Electric Vehicles. It is considered the most economical mode of transport in the Electric Vehicle age, with 5paise/KM. Most suitable for daily cyclists and people who strive to stay fit. From a teenager to a grown-up, anyone can use this bicycle.


Etron+ is an electric bicycle with Disc front brakes and rare V Brake, alloy tube tyres, the extraordinary range for a bicycle that is of 60 km once charged. Etron+ is a self-start bicycle. Etron+ is a single-seater. Orbishox front-suspension and 20 inch Steel Body.


Max Torque of 42 Nm with chain drive and Electric fuel type.


Etron+ consist of a Lithium-ion battery, 250 W power, ranges up to 60 km once charged, and consistent no lamps or lights on the bicycle. Has a digital low battery indicator.


Tyre sized Front 2.35-26 and Rear 2.35-26 whereas wheel sized Front 660.4 mm and Rear 660.4 mm.


Black, green, orange, red, yellow, and teal blue.

Price and warranty

Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 39,999 and 2 years Warranty.




Pure is known to stand by its name which is seen by its technological advancements. Coming towards the comparison, both ETrace and Etron+ stand perfect at their position and build-up. The advancement is up to the user and the individual needs. If the user is opting for a more bike like Electric Vehicles and has a higher budget than a bicycle then should prefer buying race. Whereas if a user is looking for more of a bicycle to workout in a cooler form should go for Etron+ as it gives additional benefits than a bicycle could.

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