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Pure EV EPluto V/S Hero Electric optima HS500 E
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Published on 28th Jul 21

Pure EV EPluto V/S Hero Electric optima HS500 E

In this article, we’ll be conducting a review of the two most demanded two-wheeler EVs in the market: Pure EV Epluto V/S Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER. Every important aspect of two EVs has been listed in this article. Let’s roll the intro!

Pure EV

PUREnergy is an acronym that stands for Power using renewable energy. PUREnergy is an Indian-based organization functioning in the southern part of the country, Telangana.

PUREnergy is an initiative of IIT-Hyderabad pioneers, and it was founded in 2016 by Nishanth Dongari, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad, is now led by Rohit Vadera, an alumnus of IIT Bombay. The sole aim of bringing the revolution of Electric vehicles and energy storage systems to the Indian market. The company’s expertise lies in energy storage technology.
Two main domains of the company are:

  1. PURE EV: Pure EV is a manufacturer of two-wheelers.
  2. PURE Lithium: It deals with the production of high-performance Lithium batteries.

Pure EV EPluto

  1. The on-road price of EPluto is 71,999 (INR).
  2. With a range of 85 Km/Charge with a top speed of 25 KMPH.
  3. Motor power is 250 W and a portable battery of 1.8 kWh.
  4. EPluto has a brushless hub motor type and a 12-degree gradability.
  5. The scooter takes 4 hours to charge.
  6. The scooter has a digital speedometer, trip meter, and console with a display of 5 inches.
  7. Smart Lock, Regenerative Brakes, Twist Throttle, and Anti-theft lock come under the additional features of the scooter.
  8. The scooter has a high torque motor with rear suspension.
  9. Manufacturers pay most attention to the comfort and durability of the seat.
  10. EPluto comes in 6 different variants.


Hero motors was founded in 1956 was able to capture a significant market share of people by providing both durable and cost-effective bikes and making an entry in the healthcare and bicycle segment. 

Hero Electric

Hero Electric is the pioneer and market leader in the E2W Industry in the electric vehicle segment and has a sizable coverage of its distributors in 20+ states with 500+ distributors. Not only this, people have faith in this brand due to its immense presence. The hero will foray its appearance by the year 2022, according to the reports.

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER

  1. Hero Electric Optima comes for 71,990(INR)
  2. With a range of 110 Km/Charge.
  3. Optima comes with a motor power ranging between 550-1200 W.
  4. To charge the scooter 100% takes 4-5 hours.
  5. A digital speedometer and console.
  6. Y(HT Motors), Aerodynamic style, Head Lamp, Double Battery, Regenerative braking system, Fancooled charger, two batteries, and combi brake system are some additional features.
  7. A long seat is provided so that any long, short is accompanied by friends and family.
  8. Battery capacity and Rating are as follows 51.2V/30Ah.
  9. Optima has alloy wheels of 12 inches each.
  10. The scooter comes in four variants.


EPluto comes in more variants and options, on the other hand, optima HS500 has a price advantage and is a trusted brand for years. This new generation is more inclined towards trying new things out. So we just have to wait and see which vehicle has more advantage over the other. So, with this, we have pointed out all the technical differences between these two EVs.


Who are we?

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