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Ola Electric's targets are lofty, but can it deliver?
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 9th Aug 21

Ola Electric's targets are lofty, but can it deliver?

In February, land was being ordered for a progressive Futures mill, close to the Ashok Leyland producing facility in Madras. A mill that claims it's building capability to manufacture ten million electrical scooters a year - nearly 5 times larger than the other existing two-wheeler mill within the country, and half the complete two-wheeler market in India.

Future mill belongs to ride-hailing company Ola, which currently finances serious cash on personal quality through its electrical two-wheeler arm Ola electrical.

This strategy is in distinction to Ola's original mission statement, that was to push ride-sharing over individual possession of vehicles.

But this is often however Ola explains this two-pronged approach to quality business. “We have been doing this for the last three-four years. We tend to believe shared quality can still grow with ride-hailing, however most of the people would favour personal quality. We tend to square measure addressing through each Ola Cabs and Ola Electric”, says Varun Dubey, Head of promoting, Ola Electric.


This broad vision is the product of Bhavish Agarwal - who has been at the helm of affairs for Ola Cabs for over a decade. However, he has had problems conveying this vision to the key individuals at Ola electrical - who are one exit from the corporate over the years, usually simply months when change of integrity of the corporate, with obvious frustrations to stay up with. The pace of amendment within the company within the U.S. that was inconsistent with the memorandum was two-handed over those top-ranking executions.

Ola claims that despite the shortage of previous exposure to automotive producing, it will simply beat Hero MotoCorp's lead times of established automakers to scale factories - that presently has a pair of 2.7 million units in its largest mill. Unit capability. - bushed in a matter of six months.

Since this is often an accomplishment Ola is strained with a lot of fanfare and pretentiousness, it runs a high name risk if the merchandise isn't excellent and doesn't deliver on time. Sources said Ola electrical is observing commerce 20-40 percent of its volumes to association countries, together with Vietnam, Cambodia and therefore the Philippines, similarly on high-volume export markets in comparatively low-volume European countries.

Accelerated production and delivery conjointly seems to be the intention of Ola electrical, however one will take cues from however alternative makers have handled the delivery of high-interest merchandise within the past.

Mahindra & Mahindra's Classic Legends, that powers the Jawa whole of motorcycles, received a flurry of bookings in 2018, however several of its customers still watch for their bikes, because the manufacturer provided an additive range of fifty thousand bikes so caught up the delivery considerably. To provide chain constraints. With Ola's claims of capability and "production readiness", this is often now not a proof.

Ola electrical scooter to be launched on August 15; details here

Ola Cabs founder and Ola electrical corporate executive Bhavish Aggarwal on Tues aforesaid that the corporate is designing the launch event of Ola electrical scooter on 15 August.

He additional that full specifications and details on the merchandise are free presently.

Ola electrical opened reservations for its electrical scooters on July 15 for a refundable deposit of Rs.499. Later, it declared that it had received over one lakh bookings inside the primary twenty-four hours.

On July 22, Ola electrical declared that its much-awaited electrical scooter would be on the market in ten colours. This can create a two-wheeler with the widest vary of colours in India. The precise names of the colours are discovered nearer to the launch, however the pictures free by the corporate showed reminder blue, black, red, pink, yellow, white and silver.


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However, business estimates, supported by the Associate in Nursing examination of the viability of the assembly lines and Ola's vendor base, recommend that Ola Electric's initial production run may utilize around 15-25 percent of it with a capability of two million, or it may be able to install. Viable assembly line of three hundred thousand - five hundred thousand units annually.

If these numbers appear ineffective against the vivid imagination of a mill manufacturing ample scooters within the future, take this example: Existing players within the section designing capability enlargement square measure observing fixing facilities which will create one hundred thousand units (Ather Energy and Revolt Motors) 3 million units (Hero Electric), and 5 million units (Okinawa).

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