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Ola Electric: Charged to compete
Simran Kaur
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Published on 31st Jul 21

Ola Electric: Charged to compete

Ola's electric scooter has been the buzz of the town for several months, since since the former trailer was published in March, showcasing the company's former chairman and group CEO, Mr Bhavesh Agrawal. Additionally, the video release demonstrated the product's incredible performance and uniqueness in the market. Recently, Ola published an electric scooter movie to provide vivid and thorough information about the outstanding characteristics and construction of the scooter. The Ola Electric scooter, on the other hand, is slated to launch in August 2021.


Ola's primary obstacle would be growing competition. New entrants like as Ather, Okinawa, and Prevail Electric are already testing the waters, as are established 2W manufacturers such as Bajaj Auto, Hero Motocorp, and TVS Motor Company.

Ola Electric Mobility's long-awaited electric scooter (e-scooter) is set to take the industry by storm in the coming weeks. Social media teases by Ola co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal about the product and the Future Factory in Tamil Nadu have heightened anticipations in the run-up to the debut.


Following the imminent start of manufacturing of two million e-scooters, the business intends to ramp up production to ten million over the next year or so.

The excitement and hullabaloo around the Ola scooter continue to spread throughout the media. The scooter's enthusiasm compelled the audience to remain engaged with it until Ola eventually launched its initial edition of electric scooters. Ola electric scooter is the first Made in India launch with an entire line of scooters, offering a whole new perspective on what customers should think and expect from a scooter. The lavish appearance, enhanced features, and remarkable technology housed inside its construction combine to make it a game-changing vehicle and a joy to drive.

Color choices for the Ola Electric Scooter

Ola has bolstered its market presence by releasing its first-ever Ola electric scooter, which is really a sight to behold. The style of the cars captures the eye, and the diversity of colours makes them appear more luxurious and stylish. Given that the film demonstrates the electric scooter's striking black colour, pink and blue are anticipated to be added to the roster of Ola electric scooter colours as well. The motto of these electric ola scooter manufacturers accentuates the true beauty - "Many colours, All Green!" which speaks volumes about the scooter's availability in a variety of colours while maintaining an eco-friendly composition. This is the result of a creative and unique marriage of thought and technology.

Specifications for the Ola Electric Scooter

The Ola electric scooters are the most advanced vehicle on the market, with customised technology that is both environmentally beneficial and simple to use. The electric scooter features a variety of incredible qualities that make it more desirable and one of a kind. The introduction of Ola scooters is divided into three categories. 3 KW, 4 KW, & 7 KW The base variant's peak speed is 45lm/h, 70 km/h, and 95 km/h, respectively. The consumer tribe is awestruck by its qualities and is eagerly awaiting their arrival on the market. You may also have a peek at its wonderful features. -

Incredible speed - a vehicle is only desired if it has an unmatched rate of acceleration. Ola's electric scooter features an outstanding mileage function that gradually increases its speed to a comfortable level.

Roomy seats - the car has ergonomic and spacious seating, which contributes to the driver's pleasant experience.

World-class acceleration - The next major attribute that a client considers when choosing an electric car is acceleration.

Excellent riding comfort - A scooter is regarded the finest if it offers an unmatched level of riding comfort. Guess what, Ola has it pre-ordered, so if you want to cruise the streets in comfort and tranquilly, keep an eye out for one.

Outstanding handling and management - The Ola electric scooter is one that you can easily handle and control with the utmost ease and comfort. The beautiful Ola scooter features an elegant design and mind-blowing handling that you will never forget.

Price range for the Ola Electric Scooter - The Ola electric scooter is the largest and most sophisticated type of scooter available at a very affordable price. However, the most recent introduction of this electric scooter introduced an intriguing opportunity for pre-ordering the scooter for a starting price of Rs 499 INR. Mr Bhavesh Agrawal, the company's former chairman and group CEO, announced booking prices of Rs 499 INR, which had surprisingly boosted the market with overenthu. To your surprise, within 24 hours of its introduction, the business had already received 1 lakh registrations for the electric scooter. Although the business has not released the exact and real-world pricing of the Ola electric scooter, it appears to be inexpensive and budget-friendly in nature.


From its trailer launch, the scooter appears to be as huge and typical as any other two-wheeler cycle, but it also features an incredible battery backup that allows for a comfortable ride up to a reasonable number of kilometres. Additionally, you are not limited to a single colour, since the scooter is dressed in some sophisticated and elegant hues not seen on any other brand. Additionally, it features a TFT instrument cluster, making it an ideal match and selection for lavish riders.

Latest Insights

Although Ola Electric has been generating headlines for some time, the brand still has "a lot to prove and learn" about the Indian automobile industry. Additionally, according to Vinkesh Gulati, President of the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA), the 'direct-to-consumer' sales element is a source of worry. Highlights include the fact that bookings begin at Rs 499.

“Statements like 'largest plant in the world' and 'thousands of crores of investment' attract attention and are an excellent strategy,” he admits. Ola has set aside Rs 2,400 crore for a massive plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and has just received over 1,00,000 bookings for its yet-to-be-launched e-scooter. As Gulati points out, there are little specifics beyond this. “No one knows the pricing, specs, or mileage of this vehicle. They had 1,00,000 bookings in the first 24 hours; it's been over a week, and this should have increased to 5,00,000, but no one is aware of the figure," he says.

The bright side is that Ola has sparked "significant interest" in electric vehicles, prompting other businesses to accelerate their debuts. Gulati would rather be cautious for the time being, particularly with the quantity of bookings.

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