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Ola Electric Scooter is not just Green, It is way more than that
shayma shamim
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Published on 29th Jul 21

Ola Electric Scooter- Not just Green, It is way more than that

One of the trending EVs nowadays, Ola Electric Scooter is all set to make its debut in the Indian market soon. The official announcement about this scooter has been released several times. Before the scooter was officially launched, Ola already impressed a lot of people and raised their interest in it. Ola's new battery-powered product will be launched in the Indian market with a variety of external color options. The company was recently shown in a social media post some of its colors have included black, pink, light blue, and white.

This scooter was introduced before the launch and can be booked for just Rs 499. The booking has already started on the night of 15th July. Specifically, the company has already received more than 100,000 orders for the Ola Electric scooter within 24 hours of booking. According to the company, you can book this with a completely refundable booking amount. This means that if the buyer wishes to cancel the reservation later, his booking amount will be refunded. CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said in a statement that they have received bookings from customers across the country for Ola's first electric scooter, which is very encouraging. Electric vehicle users love it.


How to book an Ola Electric scooter?

Step 1: To book an Ola scooter, first, go to the official website of Ola Electric.

Step 2: Click on Reserve for 499 and enter your mobile number to proceed. Don't forget to verify the captcha.

Step 3: Then, create your account by filling desired information on the website.

Step 4: Select payment mode and it's done. You can book a scooter for yourself by following a few simple steps. Meanwhile, Ola Electric said the first customer will prioritize the delivery of the scooter.

Ola Electric scooter features

Ola electric scooter has everything top-notch like speed, autonomy, and technology. The company's CEO, Bhawish Aggarwal, recently revealed on Twitter that Ola Scooters is equipped with advanced features such as a large space, app-based keyless access, and several market-leading target devices. In addition, according to the photo, there are dual projection headlights, integrated seats, charging slots, DRL LEDs, LED tail lights, luggage hooks, split rear handle, and in terms of technology, it has a fully digital instrument. The company has not announced the specification of the scooter yet but details about the scooter, delivery schedule and specifications such as scooter mileage and charging times will be published soon.


The electric scooters of the future Ola are somehow similar to the EtergoApp Scooter. Ola Cabs acquired the Dutch electric scooter company Etergo in 2020. This scooter is equipped with a rechargeable battery with a high energy density. As per the company, when fully charged, it can travel up to 240 km. The Etergo AppScooter accelerates from 0 to 45 km/h in 3.9 seconds. This electric scooter has a capacity of 50 liters under the seat.

Thanks to the company's charging network, you can charge 50% of your Ola scooter in just 18 minutes, and with this charging, you can easily cover distances of up to 75 km. After you buy the scooter, the kit is equipped with a home-charger unit, which can be installed at home. The company plans to release information about the features and prices of this scooter in the coming days. The company says it is willing to set a price for the car so that more people can buy it easily. The scooters are made at the company's factory in Tamil Nadu. The first phase of the company's factory will be completed shortly. The center is expected to be operational next year with an annual capacity of 10 million units.

Who are we?

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