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Nissan Leaf vs Chevrolet Bolt: Which EV is Right for You?
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 4th Aug 21

Nissan Leaf vs Chevrolet Bolt: Which EV is Right for You?

In this post, we're attending to compare 2 of the most affordable electrical cars accessible on sale, the Nissan Leaf and therefore the Chevrolet Bolt, to assist you establish that is best for your desires. Each these EVs square measure quite similar in their size, shape, performance and overall worth for cash, however let's take into the small print and see that one is that the higher product for your desires and life-style.


Nissan Leaf: The Nissan Leaf is bulbous in look, however this current model appearance abundant less puffy than the first-generation Nissan Leaf, that sounds like an everyday hatchback. The styling is easy and uncomplimentary with none dramatic styling parts or extraneous crystal rectifier lightweight signature. The accessible two-tone exterior, which supplies the Leaf a black roof, conjointly improves the general variety of the energy unit, in our opinion.

Chevrolet Bolt: The Chevrolet Bolt could be a very little additional daring than the Leaf, with tall, straight proportions that is a bit odd. Chevrolet describes the Bolt as a crossover, however with lowest ground clearance and a tall greenhouse permitting lots of headroom, we'd say it is the size of country lover/MPV.


Leaf: The Leaf could be a five-seat hatchback with 92.4 cuboid feet of interior rider volume. It has 41.2 inches of headroom up front and 37.3 inches of headroom at the rear, in conjunction with 23.6 cu-ft of merchandise volume with the rear seat. Folding the rear seat down provides you an extra 6.5 cu-ft of merchandise area, for a complete of 30 cu-ft.

Bolt: The Bolt is additionally a five-seat hatch, however because of its upright form, it's a touch more room than the Leaf at 94.4 cuboid feet of rider volume. Front rider headroom is a smaller amount than the Leaf at 39.7 inches, however rear rider headroom is best at 37.9 inches. The Bolt offers 16.9 cu-ft of merchandise area behind the second-row seat, however will increase total merchandise volume to 56.6 cu-ft.



Leaf: The Nissan Leaf is battery-powered by one synchronous motor that powers the front wheels, rated at a hundred and ten H.P. and 210 lb-ft of force. The quality thirty kWh battery pack provides associate degree Environmental Protection Agency calculable golf range of 112 miles or a hundred and eighty kilometres. It ought to do 0-60 mph in concerning eight seconds and prime speed is ninety-three mph. With the DC quick charger, the battery can charge from flat to among 80% of its capability in concerning half-hour. With a 22-kWh charger, it takes concerning 4.5 hours to charge from flat to full.

Nissan conjointly recently launched the new Leaf and, that packs a huge sixty-four kWh battery that gives associate degree calculable golf range of 226 miles. The Leaf and conjointly gets an additional powerful motor, that is currently rated at around 215 H.P. and 250 lb-ft of force. The Leaf and will feature quick charging at seventy kWh with one hundred kWh peak, permitting the larger sixty-four kWh battery to charge in roughly constant quantity of your time as a 30-kWh battery pack. Nissan offers a guaranty on the battery pack of eight years or 100,000 miles - whichever is earlier.

Bolt: The Chevrolet Bolt is obtainable with only 1 powertrain, that consists of a permanent magnetic drive motor mounted on the front shaft and a 60-kWh battery pack. The motor is rated at two hundred H.P. and 260 lb-ft of force, whereas the battery provides associate degree calculable golf range of 238 miles. Slightly quicker than the Leaf, the Bolt can accelerate from 0-60 mph in concerning 6.5 seconds and prime out at ninety-one mph.

Using the ex-gratia eighty kWh DC quick charger, the Bolt will charge from flat to 80% capability in associate degree hour. The 120v outlet will add up to four miles of vary per hour, whereas the Bolt's commonplace 240v wall charger will give a full charge in 9.5 hours. Chevrolet offers battery warrant of eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever is earlier.


Leaf: These square measure EVs, thus technique is vital. The Leaf does not frustrate, with a regular 7.0-inch touchscreen with mechanical man motor vehicle and Apple CarPlay and a digital dash show. The foremost spectacular technical feature is that the professional Pilot Assist suite of active safety technologies accessible, which has road Drive Assist with Lane Keep and Stop & Go, Driver Fatigue Monitor, Automatic Emergency Braking, 360-degree Camera, Rear Cross Traffic Alert. and ray assist.

Bolt: Bolt's technique is nice, although not as spectacular. It comes with a regular 10.2-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and mechanical man motor vehicle, a crisp 8-inch digital driver show, associate degreed an accessible 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. Active safety technology is not that spectacular here, sadly, there isn't any road Drive Assist feature within the Bolt. It will supply automatic braking with forward collision and pedestrian detection accessible, however.


Nissan Leaf: The Nissan Leaf starts at $29,990 within the U.S. before destination and tax. the worth of the Nissan Leaf and is however to be determined, however we tend to expect it to begin within the mid-$30,000 range. It'll still bite the Chevrolet Bolt, we believe.

Chevrolet Bolt: The Chevrolet Bolt starts at $36,620 within the U.S. that creates it a touch costlier than the Leaf, however with additional power, more space, and additional vary, the premium is even.


Which is that the Best EV?

As is usually the case, it depends what you are looking for. If price of possession is high on your priority list or you are looking for a bit stress relief on your road drive home, the Nissan Leaf makes plenty of sense. The Bolt, on the opposite hand, has additional space for your belongings and, maybe additional necessary, the farther it will travel on one charge. For those with vary anxiety, the Bolt could be an easy winner.

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