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Need of CMS (Charging station management software) in EV Eco system
Prajwal MS
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Published on 16th May 22

Introduction to CMS (Charging station management software)

The charge management system is a web dashboard used to manage, monitor, and control assets related to electric vehicle charging stations and user management. As of today in India, we have more than 900000 electric vehicles on road, charging infra is in huge demand and the number of charge points deployed across the nation is increasing day by day in order to meet the requirements. Hence there is a massive demand for energy requirements and a proper business model to help in amortizing this business across the EV ecosystem.

Kazam offers end-to-end stack software which includes various features like charging station management and control, tariff allotment, selective tariff allotment, load balancing, and energy consumption analytics with reports to individual user charge point operators and distribution centers including grid-level data.


Assets on the Kazam platform across various Geo locations

Our expertise is in building holistic solutions in order to collect all the data mentioned above among all the electric vehicle charging stations of various brands which are running on standard operating protocols our CMS can speak to the electric vehicle charging station and grids also our CMS can be customized as per various business requirements.
For example, electric vehicle fleet operators who do last-mile delivery can manage their vehicle and driver data and also schedule or automate the charging station availability and tariff plans, and vehicle allotment.


EVSE Usage analytics

Pros of Buying Kazam Software

Here are some of the best reasons to buy off-the-shelf software.

1. Low Investment

Software like this is usually the cheapest way to buy a new software solution. An important benefit of this software is that it is very likely to cost less than having something built for your business when you consider the initial outlay. Generally, you can use it immediately after purchasing it. The low cost makes it more popular, which means more people are using it. An initial installation fee can be charged at a lower rate since the software owner can afford it. Your business needs may not be met by the software, but it might be perfect for you if it fits your needs. In that case, further upgrades are needed, and you will probably have to spend much more.

2. Quick and easy to implement

The Kazam software is easy to set up and use. This is due to the fact that the solution has already been developed. Using existing software can be a simple and fast way to get your business running. It does not take as long as building a custom system. Off-the-shelf software already has many features; you
just have to make use of them for your business needs.

3. Test-run for free!

You are more likely to find Kazam software if you search for it. We offer a free trial or a discounted trial. How does that benefit you? You can see from the excellent information if the software features are right for your business or project before you purchase it. This test product of yours gives you an opportunity to see how it fits into your workflow. Discover what off-the-shelf software offers and know what you'll get.

4. Software updates and upgrades

The software is continually updated and upgraded to meet the needs of others who purchase it. In order to ensure error-free functionality and prevent bugs, new features are a plus here. Ownership of the product lies with the Kazam. Kazam is responsible for updating the product. It also gives a significant advantage to upgrading the goal of new technological development, new benefits, and features.

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Soumyadeep Keshri
Great article!
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