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Mumbai to Pune in an Electric Car | Road Trip in an EV
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Published on 18th Feb 21

Mumbai to Pune in an Electric Car | Road Trip in an EV

Yes, you read it right! It is possible to travel from Mumbai to Pune in an EV. Yes, you might not be able to drive super fast. You will enjoy your drive and make the best for the moments that matters.

Mumbai to Pune

  • Total Km: 120 km to 147 km (depending on the route) 
  • Total Driving Hours: 2 hrs - 3 hr 12 min.

Charging Infrastructure

Mostly all the charging stations would have a sign in green colour.   

  • G3 motors at Nerul, Navi Mumbai
  • Lonavala Community Charge point
  • Smoky Mountain Charging Station, Khandala 

You will find an EV charging station every 50 km. Use the charging grids.

Tried and Tested!

Mr Kamlesh from PlugInIndia Electric Vehicles youtube tried and completed his road trip from Pune to Mumbai (and vice versa) successfully in a Reva (EV). 

On his way to Mumbai, he had a chance to interview a couple who were travelling too. A couple who travelled from Mumbai to Pune commented on the G3 motors station at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. They stated, "this stop was our quarterly-stop and, we are travelling uninformed, the charging station was easy to find, has got large parking space, and the location is great. The charging point is right up front, their staff members are friendly, security is helpful and the staff parked the cars for us for the cars to reach the plug point. We're enjoying our stop with a tea and it felt like a part of the work-family. Additional Services: Free mobile phone charging, free fresh-n-up items, kind hospitality and much more. We recommend the one right on the highway!"

Technicality, Hours and KM's Behind It!  

Breakups for km: 

  • Santa Cruz, Mumbai to Nerul, Navi Mumbai: 27 km  
  • Nerul, Navi Mumbai to Toll Plaza: 45 km
  • Toll Plaza - Smoky Mountain Charging Station: 1 km
  • Khandala to Baner, Pune: 55 km

Breakups for Charging (Driving Reva (EV), at 50-60 km, and with no AC):

  • Santa Cruz, Mumbai to Nerul, Navi Mumbai: Battery falls from 100% to 81%
  • Reached G3 motors charging station: 100% 
  • Nerul, Navi Mumbai to Toll Plaza (Smoky Mountain Charging Station, Khandala): Battery falls from 100% to 71% 
  • Reached Smoky Mountain Charging Station: 30 mins Charge (needed 44km SOC charge but for safety charged it for 55km) 
  • Khandala to Baner, Pune: 55 km

We would thank Kamlesh from PlugInIndia Youtube for encouraging and supporting the EV's and Clean Energy community.

Feedback received


  • The journey was super efficient, convenient and safe. 
  • Two charging stations were enough, one in Mumbai and one in Khandala. 
  • The vehicle shows a battery percentage and kilometres left to travel in it.


  • Maybe there could be another changing station between the journey if you want to use AC and move faster. 
  • The range anxiety is real! One of the correspondents at Evo India, tried and tested the same in Hyundai Kona. 

What are you waiting for?

Come, take-apart in the race! The race is finally over. Of course, you spend more time, you have saved the environment, enjoyed free services. Vocal for local, you will assist and put your financial inputs in local charging stations rather than spending it on petrol or diesel, benefiting other countries. If you feel you have a high range of anxiety, you can also carry your charger for emergencies. 

In the coming time, you would see more EV charging stations. In 2018, the MSEDCL planned to install 500 new EV chargers in two to three years. They are still working on this project and would disclose more over the same. If the charging stations are providing quality, the customers are willing to pay. 

Stay Tuned for more information about EV, Electronic Vehicle charging station infrastructure and related information. Once an EV owner, you'd never want to move back.

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