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Most Valued EV Start-Ups In The World
Simran Kaur
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Published on 27th Nov 21

Most Valued Ev Start-Ups In The World

From the days of horse-drawn carriages to today's high-speed trains and airlines, humans have always come up with novel ways to travel.

When it comes to energy usage, the transportation industry has been chronically inefficient in the past. When faced with challenges like global warming, it's tempting to lose hope that we can change our direction.

Technology businesses from all walks of life are working tirelessly to make even the least environmentally friendly industries more sustainable, and the transportation sector is no exception.

There has been a dramatic shift in the automobile industry over the past several years, from a niche luxury product to the new norm. Cars, trucks, bicycles, and a slew of other things are now all powered by electric motors, making travel more convenient for everyone.


While Tesla has reached cult status and is the most recognisable electric carmaker in the business, there are a number of other manufacturers vying for market share with some fairly interesting and unique solutions. Take a peek at how the new-emerging startups are making a way for us to build a sustainable lifestyle.

Inside the World's Biggest Automakers, EV Startups Are Rising.

1. Rivian

Rivian is a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer and technology company. It is perhaps the most valued startup in the electric vehicle market, having garnered over $8 billion in investment over nine rounds. The company currently offers electric SUVs and trucks, with deliveries set to begin soon.

2. Lucid

Lucid Motors is an electric car company. The business has raised over $1.3 billion in capital over the course of five rounds, with the most recent round in April raising about $200 million. Lucid stated that their first all-electric vehicle would be offered in four configurations: Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, Air Pure, and Air Dream Edition.

3. Nio

Nio is a Chinese brand that specialises in luxury electric vehicles. It is one of the most successful electric vehicle manufacturers. Along with being a performance-oriented automobile manufacturer, Nio places a priority on its vehicles' features and premiums. Nio now offers three electric vehicles: the ES8 full-size electric SUV, the ES6 mid-size electric SUV, and the EC6 crossover. Although Nio is not as old as its competitors, it is highly technologically advanced and builds customer confidence.

India in the EV Race

Other Indian startups, such as Ather Energy, Hero Electric, Tata Motors, Mahindra Electric, Lohia Auto, TwentyTwo Motors, Ashok Leyland, MG Motor, Kazam EV and others, made it through and contributed to the burgeoning era of electric mobility.

However, EV adoption will be primarily contingent on players such as OEMs, start-ups, developers of charging infrastructure, and battery makers banding together and pursuing collaborative engagement.

By establishing a regulatory framework, examining incentives and subsidies, developing a strong foundation of support, innovating on various business models, and proving the economics of charging infrastructure, we can create an extremely conducive and robust environment for the adoption of electric vehicles in order to meet its sustainability goals for a greener future.

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