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Most trusted electric cargo brands in India
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Published on 16th Sep 21

Most trusted electric cargo brands in India

Here comes the change in terms of the transportation of goods. India is all set for its future with the green mobility of cargo vehicles.

EVs are greener and offer mobility solutions, while their rate of adoption is taking place as the battery technology continues to revolve. A lot of changes and actions are taking place in India, both from manufacturers and the government, to lead an EV hub. There are few issues with the facing price and infrastructure, however, there is already a shift taking place in the convincing terms.

In the recent trends, the electric 3W segment has been blooming the EV industry as they are more economical and convenient to run on feeder routes, short distances passenger carriers, etc. It has fueled in a relatively short time, while passenger carrier e-auto are already witnessing high growth, the cargo applications also started to gain its fame.

Let us now see which are the leading cargo e-auto in India? What do they offer? Here comes the top 3 e-auto.

Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra never steps back in its latest technology and towards the developing Indian economy. Mahindra is the leading Indian OEM looking at electric vehicles as an opportunity both in the commercial and personal segment. To address this EV market, it launched the cargo three-wheeler Treo Zor.

Treo Zor has been made available from the launch in Pickup, Flatbed, and Delivery Van sharing similar specifications. For the marvelous performance, Zor fits with a new generation lithium-ion battery with 48V voltage, with a capacity of 7..37 kWh. The range it offers is about 125km per charge, and it takes nearly 4 hours to charge. The power of 8kW and a higher torque of 42Nm is suitable to take on all cargo loads. It offers a top speed of 50kmph which is quite enough for city or rural activities. Its gross weight is 995kg and ground clearance of 123mm. It comes with a price tag of 2.73- 3.08 Lakh INR.

The other outstanding features are it comes with real-time performance tracking, monitoring operation, machine, and data learning, making it not only a cargo vehicle but a truly connected EV for efficient business.


Kinetic Safar Smart

Kinetic Green is the manufacturers that are focusing on door-step deliveries with all-electric. The company combines the latest technology with a unique design that suits Indian operating conditions that are strong and reliable. It has unleashed the Safar Jumbo to offer door-step deliveries to Indian entrepreneurs and business owners.

Safari Jumbo comes with a jumbo pack of outstanding features. Its gross weight is 1T, where the cargo is fitted with a BLDC motor which promises a power of 6kW supported by an IP 67 rating controller. It is fitted with a two-speed gearbox and advanced lithium-ion fixed of 48V that has an 8.2 kWh of capacity. An interesting feature is that offers a swappable battery option hence, you don’t have to fear running of battery. It offers three-mode driving experiences: high, medium, and low. The maximum speed of this cargo is 55km with a full payload capacity of 500kg. It comes with a price tag of 1.55lakhs INR.

Safar Jumbo also highlights in terms of wheel size, dual headlamp, mobile charger, single key for all locks, Stephany & jack, etc.

Kinetic Safar Shakti

Shakti is another 3-wheeler cargo fruit from Kinetic. The design is strong, durable, and reliable EV for all cargo applications. It comes with a payload of 400kg and runs 80km per charge of 10-12hours. It also comes with the conventional lead-acid type with a battery of 48V and PMDC motors with 850W of power. Maximum flow control of 40 amps. Its operating cost is 50p per km. The company provides the vehicle with an electric input AC, single-phase 230V-50Hz, the output is 48V/15amp. The best point is that the company offers a 1-year warranty and spare and service support for your ownership experience. It comes with a price tag of 1.53 Lakhs INR.



All the three cargos are best in their way but coming to which is better out of three is the toughest question. Well, we will go with the Mahindra Treo as it offers us a cargo with a lithium battery type which gives a long life. Plus, the specifications are super good for the last mile deliveries. If it comes what’s your next choice, I would prefer Kinetic Safar Smart, which is the next super-equipped e-cargo.

Now it’s a revolutionary time for the cargo, and in India, it is taking off gradually, it is witnessed that there are quite impressing products made out from Indian manufacturers that have introduced to swag the customers. The e-auto provides impeccable performance, affordability, practicality and is highly competitive to operate on Indian deliveries. Check out more on these e-cargo vehicles before you visit the outlet. If you still don’t find the best fit for your applications, then don’t worry contact Kazam EV.

Who are we?

We at Kazam, we take care of our EV buyers and give them complete EV solutions. From battery and charging solutions to the range and cost of electric vehicles. Make an appointment right now! Visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/ for more information, or send us a message on our social media handles Kazam EV, and we will respond to your kazamly.

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