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Mahindra e2o in addition to versus Mahindra e-verito- Indias first electric family car
Varnika Jain
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Published on 5th May 21

Mahindra e2o in addition to versus Mahindra e-verito- Indias first electric family car

For the last 10 years, Mahindra electric has been planning to become the pioneers of the electric vehicle industry. Their mission to bring volatility to the movement. They also have introduced 5 electric vehicles that run on the Indian roads are:

  • Treo
  • E-verito
  • eAlfa mini
  • e2o Plus
  • eSupro  

The e2o Plus was launched on October 21, 2016. ​As per the company, the name is an amalgamation of (e2o plus) where e2o stands for energy to oxygen, and for the positive contributions that the car will make in the lives of customers. According to Pravin Shah, Director, Mahindra Electric, “The e2oPlus is all about positive additions. We have incorporated additional space - something that would delight our customers. We have also added extra range and fast charging, among other very interesting ‘pluses’. I am confident that this new model will be a game-changer not only in the electric vehicles segment but also among all other categories of cars”.

Technical Specification:

  •  The top specialization of e2o Plus is that it is powered by a 72V battery back, with a top speed of 80kms and an extended claimed range of 140km. A 70 Nm Torque which requires a power of 1050 r/min, a 600 A controller, and a power of 19KW which costs around 3500r/min is there.
  •  The Lithium-ion battery powers the motor with a peak output of 41hp at 3,500rpm and 91Nm at 2,500rpm. The lower-spec variants, however, come with a 48V battery. This being an electric vehicle comes with a direct-drive transmission.
  •  If you run out of charge, you can always approach the parent company by using the car’s dashboard or using the e2o plus app. This will add additional kilometers.
  •  Charge your vehicle anytime and anywhere in your parking lots or workplace just plug it anywhere to a 15 A socket.
  •  It has a Hatchback body type and comes with a 3 years warranty. Additional features of the EV are a Front disc brake, rear drum, park braking manual with a rim size of 35.6 cms.
  •  It comes in three variants( P2, P4, P6) and four colors. The price of the Electric variant for e2o PLUS ranges between ₹ 7.48 Lakh - ₹ 11.49 Lakh.

In June 2016, Mahindra launched its E-verito sedan with two variants D2-D6 that ranges between Rs. 10.5 Lakh-10.49 Lakh. E-verito has some extraordinary features that make it different from other electric vehicles in India.

The top specifications of this vehicle are:

  •  The certified Range is 181 km, with a driving range of 110km/hr and a top speed of 86kmph, full charging takes up to 11hr 30 minutes and fast charging takes place within 1hr 30 minutes.
  •  The Lithium-ion battery runs at an installed capacity of 288Ah and a 21.2 installed onboard power.
  • Additional features of the EV are, Front disc brake, rear drum, park braking manual, and electric-hydraulic steering makes it an easy drive. 
  •  A 91 Nm @ 3000r/min Torque which requires a power of 31kmKw@4000 r/min, a 550 A controller are installed.
  •  It comes with a 3-years warranty.

Some features that make it an outstanding vehicle are:

  •  Low cost of Maintenance: Since there is zero carbon emission that results in fewer moving parts, hence lessening the chances of failing
  •  Government incentives: Tax- exemptions are there since the new government policies believe in zero-emission and low combustion thus making the environment much safer and cleaner.
  •  Low running cost: The running cost of E-verito is 1.15/km that beats almost all other running cars.

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