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Kazam Charging Management Software for Electric Fleet Operators (Load Management, Analytics, Payment and More)
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Published on 9th Nov 21

Kazam Charging Management Software for Electric Fleet Operators (Load Management, Analytics, Payment and More)

Kazam is building the world’s largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure for electric bikes, scooters, cars and three-wheelers via our sleek and beautiful designs.


If you are an electric fleet owner, having electric scooters, autos, bikes or cars, Kazam has brought you a perfect end to end solution. Operating Electric vehicles comes with its own challenges like variations in energy consumption, overload on the electricity grid leading to crossing of sanction load, skyrocketing charging cost, uncertainties about battery lifetime and integration of various IT systems.

Load Balancing

For your own facility, installing charging multiple electric vehicles at the same time may lead to electricity load issues on your facility transformer. And increase the load sanction by your DISCOM is a costly process.


But by having Kazam charging stations you can charge your electric vehicles while maintaining the load balancing. Kazam charging stations communicate to a central cloud and your total load sanctioned will be kept in check.

Fleet Charging

Your drivers need extra KMs to complete their trips. You can leverage Kazam EV public network available across your city to ensure no driver is ever stuck.


Your fleet may be charging at your own shed, the drivers' homes, or the loading bays; in all three cases, Kazam charging stations are required. You can also leverage 1000+ public kazam charging points in case of emergency available across India.

Kazam Charging Management Software

As a fleet company, you are growing constantly. Delivering constantly. You will need data on your fueling costs and that is where analytics provided by Kazam Charging Management Software will come in handy. Using CMS not only you can monitor but also control all your charging stations from one single window.


Kazam CMS also provides a developer dashboard, API integration, in case you want your own mobile app or portal. And the real beauty of our CMS is that it not only connects to Kazam chargers but to all OCPP chargers as well.

Additional Features

In addition to this, you get OTA support on the charging stations, so the software on the charger always remains new. Our pricing models are flexible and both fixed and subscription pricing is available. Watch this video or visit the Kazam CMS website to know more.

How can you get started?

Contact Kazam today and start running your fleet more effectively and more efficiently. At Kazam, we take care of our EV customers and offer complete EV solutions. From EV recommendations to charging solutions, we have you covered. Make an appointment as soon as possible! Visit us at Kazam or send us a message via our social media handles Kazam EV for more information, and we will respond to you kazamly!

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