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Job Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry
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Published on 25th Jul 21

Job Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry


The revolution in the automobile sector is on its way to embrace electric vehicles as a future technology. According to mordorintelligence.com, the Indian electric vehicle is growing at a CAGR >44% over the next five years.

The EV business will make more than 10 million open positions in different areas like planning, testing, producing, wiring, charging framework, deals, administrations, overhauling existing foundations, battery innovation, and some more.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the variety of jobs available in the EV segment.


Types of jobs in the EV sector

  1. Head accountant and tender Manager: You’ll be determining the sales strategy for EV charging stations. Your key areas of focus will be creating and managing partnerships, supporting existing mobility sales.
  2. Java Developer: As a charging station developer, you’ll need to focus and develop and expand a cloud-based application for the EV charging stations. 
  3. Scientific research: As a part of the scientific research domain your work includes battery type/design, battery management system improvement, and recharging technology. The important part of the research and development team is to conduct research and testing on electric vehicle technology. The battery life and analysis performance of vehicles is done by chemists and material scientists examine.
  4. Design & Development: The work includes battery design, Electronic circuits, software, and application for consumers, durable and lightweight vehicle body. The design and development sector consists of everyone who helps from the initial vehicle modeling process to the final development process. Usually, engineers, software developers, industrial designers, technicians, and drafters work in this sector.
  5. EV and chargers manufacturing: Your work will include maintenance of machines and manufacturing plant, quality testing, human resource, and plastic molding, etc. The manufacturing process requires a considerable fair share of the workforce and involves complex processes.
  6. Infrastructure development: You are required to design the infrastructure of charging stations, high power electric wiring, and renewable energy generation( solar, wind). The government will be planning to integrate both the private and public charging points for quick access to the charging systems. In difficult situations, there would be multiple charges away from your resident and place of work.
  7. IT Solutions: As a part of the IT Sector, you are required to shape the development and digitalization of the service and ultimately accelerate the growth of an organization. You'll be required to act as a bridge between business units, the consultancy service provider, and strategic business partners.
  8. Accountant Manager: You’ll be accelerating the shift to electric mobility by selling out the EV charging station to individuals, public places, and other places of necessities. 
  9. Delivery & After-sales: You’ll be required to lead, build and motivate your team members, you’ll be performing the implementation of the charging station and working in the capacity of the executive, and looking after the deliveries and after-sales services for the organization. 
  10. Sales and Business Development: Under this head, you’ll have to undertake the local sales & Business development and collaborate with associate peers to accelerate the business. 


Electric vehicles are an effective alternative for additional petrol-based vehicles. To improve the position of the EV industry, the government has brought various schemes under the Fame II policy that will add value to the sector.

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