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Is The Polestar 2 EV Really Better Than Tesla's Model 3?
shayma shamim
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Published on 9th Aug 21

Is The Polestar 2 EV Really Better Than Tesla's Model 3?

Like hardly any other car, the Polestar 2 represents the move away from the combustion engine and towards electromobility. The former racing and tuning company Polestar becomes the sporty premium electric car showcase brand of the Volvo-Geely Group - like a pole star that is supposed to show the way.

When it comes to the interior, the Polestar remains strictly environment friendly


The curious thing about this pairing: The former revolutionary of the automotive industry is the hunted in this case because slowly the established brands have shaken each other three times, thrown off the initial astonishment, and developed their e-vehicles. And here Polestar is going the same way as Tesla once - turning away from common conventions. With the vegan interior, they deliberately do not want to appeal to the luxury, but the eco-friendly clientele. Polestar is using a native Android system for infotainment for the first time. We know the steering wheel buttons from current Volvo models, and the operating logic of the eleven-inch main display also looks somehow familiar to us. Nevertheless, the new infotainment works perfectly. If you use an Android phone yourself, you will find your way around in no time.

Fortunately, there is an internet flat rate for Swedes

Of course, not all apps are activated for the car - only those that distract as little as possible from driving have been released for download. This of course also brings the usual excellent Google Maps navigation into the car, which is constantly updated, and the Polestar driver also benefits from all other Google updates. The voice input runs via the Google Assistant and works extremely intuitively and across the range of inputs better than in the Tesla. Included is an internet flat rate for three years. That is also necessary because Polestar 2 is always online. The rest of the interior is nicely done by the creative minds around Thomas Ingenlath - chief designer and CEO in personal union. The wood decors consist to a large extent of recycled materials, the seats are covered with a new type of fabric called WeaveTech, the steering wheel rounds off the completely vegan interior in the truest sense of the word. We particularly like the extremely tasteful color combinations, in our case a mix of different shades of gray. Polestar has covered what is not done in soft-touch with fabric - at first glance, it seems to be of high quality, but on closer inspection, there are hollow-sounding areas around the center console. It looks a bit windy.

The bigger dynamic in the test is the Model 3

Compared to the manufacturing flaws on the Tesla, however, this is complaining at a high level. The author's little finger sometimes fits into the gap, while extreme mist of paint can be seen in the area of ​​the door hinges. And about the quality of the plastic in the 6 o'clock spoke of the steering wheel, we were upset 15 years ago at Toyota, Suzuki, and Co. The rest of the almost switch-free interior is still an experience, the huge 15-inch display kills you (in a positive sense), while video streaming via Netflix is ​​tempting for the waiting time during charging. So many deficits in Tesla in terms of workmanship also, when it comes to driving, he makes up for (almost) everything. Even in civil mode, it has a friendly front axle and the high-grip Michelins. If we get lost in the depths of the sporting settings, eco-movement surprises us with unexpected dynamic talents.


The rear axle can be adjusted easily or seriously in ten steps from "Track" to "Drift". In the shirt-sleeved mode, skillful power oversteer becomes a finger exercise - of course, only on a closed route, please. Meanwhile, the Polestar understeer from curve to curve can only be carried away with rough counter-commuters to provoke tail swings. He doesn't want any of that - he doesn't have to either. The better car he is anyway.

Polestar 2 battery range and charging curve

The battery in the Polestar 2 has a gross capacity of 78 kWh. The manufacturer states consumption of 19.3 kWh / 100km WLTP. The range should be between 560 km WLTP in pure city operation and 470 km WLTP combined. The consumption will be 20.8 kWh / 100 km - a little above the factory specification. In this way, a little more than 300 km of practical range would be possible.

Wrapping up

A difficult comparison for me who always tends to be drawn to the dynamic. Seen in this way, the Tesla should be one step ahead, as it drives the Polestar around the ears in every situation. The bottom line is that the better (electric) car is the eco-Volvo.

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