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India's Shift To Green and Clean Vehicles Differs From That Of The Rest Of The World: Randheer Singh, Director, Electric Mobility, NITI Aayog - The Republic India Economic Summit
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 2nd Dec 21

India's Shift To Green and Clean Vehicles Differs From That Of The Rest Of The World: Randheer Singh, Director, Electric Mobility, NITI Aayog - The Republic India Economic Summit

One of the ceremonies and debates conducted by the Republic India in New Delhi brings experts and Ministers on a common platform to discuss the various issues of the country. In the same discussion forum, all automotive sector giants come and give their insights about the potential and factors affecting the growth of Electric vehicles in India. The electric vehicle expert group includes the Director of Sales, Hyundai Motors India, Tarun Garg, Director of Ather Energy Sales, Ravneet Phokela, Malo Le Masson from Hero MotoCorp), and the Director of Electric Vehicles segment at NITI Ayog, Randhir Singh. They all discussed the shifts towards Green Mobility in India at the conference and the future of electric vehicles in India.

Randhir Singh: Around 81% of the Indian Market is a two-wheeler market

Randhir Singh, director of electric transportation at NITI Aayog, said the green transportation shift and movement from traditional to Electric in India will be very different as compared to the shift in western countries. Randhir said the difference has been existing because the western electric vehicle market is dominated by four-wheel vehicles but India is majorly a two-wheeler market. Due to this fact, we have 81% two-wheeler users which are very in numbers when compared to the Electric three-wheeler market. So, electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers which are majorly E-rickshaws on Indian roads will play an important role in this shift towards e-mobility.


Tarun Garg explains the factors that will boost up the adoption of E-mobility in India

Tarun Garg Director of Sales of Hyundai Motors India said there are three key factors driving consumers to switch to electric vehicles. The first is the autonomy of Electric Vehicles. As per him, before buying any vehicle, we always check the range and autonomy of the vehicle. But he also added that on average an individual in India travels less than 30 kilometres per day or 1,000 kilometres per month. As per him, we don't need a vehicle which offers a very high range as we cover 1000 km in a month not in a day. Talking about the next factor, he said that the other is the availability of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the third is the availability of economical electric vehicles. In terms of charging stations and low-budget EVs, he said, Hyundai will provide an independent source of charging for Hyundai Kona's electric SUVs, however, to make electric vehicles affordable to everyone, we need some time to do more work towards this issue.


Other Experts also speaks up about their views on Electric Vehicles

Asked about his opinion on Tesla's entry into India, Ather Energy Chief Commercial Officer Ravneet Phokela replied, "At the moment we only need good and reliable products that will only be expected from the good, strong and reliable people. What you don't need is a random number. What you don't need are people who opportunistically enter the market with bad products. But when Tesla arrives, they're going to change everything for the Indian EV market. We as automotive sector experts and people are only looking for EV market growth after Tesla's entry into the Indian automotive sector. Speaking about the need for a long-term policy, Hero MotoCorp's director of strategy, Maro Le Masson, announced his company's planning to invest Rs 5000 crore in the electric vehicle industry within the next 5 years.
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