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How to Start Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business?
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How to Start an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business?

Are your phones buzzing with the news of Electric Vehicles? Do you believe that EVs are the future of Auto Industry? Are you interested in contributing towards this Growing EV infrastructure? Do you identify yourself as one of those individuals who understand tech and have an eye to the future? Then this may be the right place for you. First let us understand why a charging station is an absolute need in today’s growing ecosystem of EV and its charging infrastructure.

Need of Charging Stations<br>

Charging Methods

As we can see, Charging Stations are beginning to evolve as an absolute necessity for sustenance of the future Automobile era.  Now, lets come to second bigger question – What are the types of charging methods and how much time do they require to charge an EV? What will be the electricity consumption? And what are the mandates required by the Gov. for these? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

Charging Methods can be of two types – AC and DC.

AC vs DC<br>

The Power Ministry has already cleared that the charging activity would not be licensed and will be considered as a service under the provisions of Electricity Act 2003. It removes a major hurdle and indicates that anyone can setup a public charging station in the country. Following are few requirements for setting up a charging station mandated by the government: -

approved list of chargers<br>

Also, further amendments allow one to install any AC or DC charger that complies with standards as per the market requirement enabling businesses to setup a public charging station even with one AC charger.

Looking for a Charging Station?

Thinking about how can you setup your own charging station? Are you looking for a product that can suit your budget and helps you earn that extra buck? Do you have a parking spot that is sufficient and spacious for a vehicle? Well, we can help with that!

Bringing forward Kazam’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station for your parking spot. A product ideated, designed and manufactured in India which serves as the best solution for the charging needs of Electric bikes, scooters or cars.

The device also comes with an app that enables you to make money from your charging spot. The app not only helps you to set electricity rates but also enables you to track your earning and the units of electricity consumed.

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