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How to Register Your Parking Using the Kazam EV Mobile Application?
shayma Shamim
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Published on 11th Nov 21

How to Register Your Parking Using the Kazam EV Mobile Application?

Electric mobility is rapidly evolving. It also causes changes in usage, the creation of new services, and the transformation of necessary infrastructure. The right to plug in apartment buildings allows each inhabitant, tenant, or co-owner to install a charging station for their electric vehicle in the parking lot.

More and more motorists are taking the plunge and buying electric vehicles. With a lot of the population in the country living in apartments and nearly 90% of recharges carried out at home when a dedicated space is available, parking spot owners have a major role to play in facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles. Terminal reserved for a single inhabitant or accessible to all co-owners, many solutions exist today for recharging your electric vehicle when you live in collective residential. More and more apartments are seized to deal with the issue of installing one or more terminals in parking spots. Sometimes you wonder how to go about having a charging station and paying the right price.

From there, what should I do to ensure that this installation goes smoothly, at the best cost, with complete peace of mind with the other co-owners? What are the stages of the project? What solutions exist?


Kazam EV, your one-stop-shop for all your charging solutions, supports individuals and companies to set up charging stations in parking spots within a few clicks.

Register your parking via Kazam Mobile Application

You can easily register your parking and earn money with it through your Kazam EV mobile Application by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your Play Store and App Store and install the Kazam EV application. Kazam EV application comes with a user-friendly interface that is polished and gives you a lot of filter options. You can effortlessly narrow down your search by selecting the right option on the application itself.

Step 2: Open your Kazam EV application and enter your phone number. You will receive an OTP, fill it for moving forward.

Step 3: Give permission for location access as it is mandatory to move forward.

Step 4: Click on the three lines on the right-hand side of the application

Step 5: Select the option "Register My Parking" and hit on continue to proceed further

Step 6: Click on "Add Parking" and fill in all the necessary details like Parking Name, Address, Contact details, Rate per hour, and upload your parking image. You also need to add opening and closing parking timing for the users. Hit on Add Parking (KYC required).

Step 7: That's it! Now your parking spot is visible to everyone who is searching nearby stations on the map for charging.


What do you need?

Depending on your future electric vehicle, your choice may be quite different.

An electric scooter for example will only need to plug into a 220 V socket to recharge during the night (power between 1.7 and 2.1 kW).

An electric motorcycle, to be recharged faster during the night, will require more power. In this case, a reinforced outlet, with a power of 3.2 kW max will be necessary.

An electric car has a battery that contains more energy. A higher power terminal will be necessary. But beware! Take a good look at the charging capacity that this car will accept. Indeed, many customers have been (badly) advised to take a 22kW alternating current (AC) power station to recharge their electric car. Few models accept this type of recharging power. For others, most of the time, the maximum power accepted in alternating current is 7 kW. Note that the 22 kW AC terminal, more expensive, requires a three-phase connection, which is also more expensive. If the power is sufficient to charge your vehicle with a 7 kW terminal, the price will be much more affordable (single-phase connection).

Businesses residing in the community will also be able to opt for a more powerful direct current (DC) charging station, which recharges the vehicle's battery more quickly (24 kW up to 150 kW). It all depends on their needs. Therefore, it is essential to think carefully about the need.

Why Kazam EV?

At Kazam, you can find every possible assistance about Electric vehicles and their charging stations in India. We also take care of our EV buyers and give them customized EV solutions as per their needs. From battery and charging solutions to the range and cost of electric vehicles, this is the one-stop shop for every EV requirement. For more information, please visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/, or write to us your concerns on our social media handles Kazam EV, and we will try to respond to your queries at the earliest. Book an appointment today!  

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