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How to Open Electric Vehicle Charging Station Business?
Simran Kaur
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Published on 22nd May 22

We're all striving together to build a business that benefits both the community and our own well-being. Why not take advantage of the possibilities that lie ahead?

Many sectors, including commercial real estate developers, landlords of flats or condominiums, and businesses, find value in EV public charging infrastructure. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you have options when constructing your company models for profitability and sustainability.

There are several benefits to putting charging stations for electric vehicles at your business, including increased profitability and recouping energy expenses.

This year, Boston Consulting Group estimated that "more people will purchase electric automobiles than gas cars by 2030."

As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, one of the numerous benefits of putting EV chargers at your business is attracting customers. In 2019, 2,1 million electric vehicles were sold globally, a 40 percent increase from 2018. The time to invest in EV charging stations is now, since the EV market is anticipated to reach $2.3 trillion by 2041.

Whether you own or manage a shopping mall, hotel, apartment complex, or corporate complex, you will attract positive attention and an increasing number of EV vehicles to your property.

Selecting the appropriate EV charging station

Before purchasing a charging solution, it is essential to be informed of its most crucial characteristics. Whether you choose AC or DC (rapid charging) stations, they will serve as a reflection of your brand; therefore, you should select something that is dependable, easily accessible, and intelligent. Here are the most important specifications for your charging equipment:

Reliability - the stations must have a reasonable lifespan and be adaptable to market demands.

Safety - the charging equipment must meet international quality and safety standards. A charger must also be resistant to all types of weather. It should be able to sustain damage and continue charging without incident.

Software - the stations should be intelligent, with an online connection and remote management, maintenance, and control choices.

Don't be concerned that they won't find a charging station when they need one. Or that the charger they find is incompatible with their EV, or doesn't function at all.

Therefore, dependability is crucial. As an EV charging firm, it is essential to get a charger that is compatible with all types of EVs.

Also, be sure to analyse the charger's track record: Does it have a reputation for delivering dependable performance, or for failing? It is essential to purchase a charging station from a reputable company with a reputation for rapid, helpful customer support.

Location and Demand

As more people transition to EVs, drivers will make it a daily habit to visit locations that provide ample, reliable charging.

Similarly to how ICE-car drivers often arrange their commutes to include a stop at a gas station (in case they need to refuel), EV drivers seek out routes and sites in their towns that offer convenient charging stations.

Actually, the location of EV charging stations on your property is determined by two factors: power and visibility.

Charging stations require an outlet. Long conduit runs between a charging station and its power source will increase your expenses. Therefore, it is preferable to locate the charging station as close to the power source as possible.

Your EV parking spaces must also be highly visible so that cars can see them as they draw up. EV drivers must know upon arrival that they can charge their vehicles while they park, shop, dine, or visit your business.

Front-and-center EV charging stations at your facility demonstrate to clients and guests that you are environmentally conscious and progressive. They may even encourage drivers of internal combustion engine vehicles to consider purchasing an electric vehicle.


A billing software application

Charging management software is essential for optimising the profitability and efficiency of your charging stations. The charging station software should provide a centralised view of your whole EV charging infrastructure. With charging management software, you should have complete control over station configurations such as pricing, power output, station access, and more.

There are numerous exceptional vendors of billing management software, and each offers something distinctive. One provider may offer a greater number of features, while another offers a lower price. Finding the sweet spot between what you need and how much you're willing to spend is the key to selecting the optimal charging management software. With the Kazam CMS software, you have the option to select the appropriate software package and have access to the data of your EV chargers at any time and from any location.

A future-proof charging service must provide customer service and assist EV drivers in locating and using charging stations. Using the Kazam smartphone app, EV drivers can simply locate charging stations, reserve them at the most convenient time, initiate and terminate charging, make payments, and participate in the bonus programme.

Product Marketing

Visibility and identification of the charging station at your location are equally as vital as its power and other technical characteristics. It is crucial that the charging area is well-designed, well designated, accessible 24/7, and under video supervision.

Charging stations are no longer simply "sockets." It is a potent instrument that can play a crucial role in your business's marketing strategy. Thanks to the properly set operation and management of the charging station, you may establish your own charging network and attract a steady stream of consumers to your sites.

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