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How to install an electric vehicle home charger?
Nimit Arora
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Published on 15th Apr 22

Although most electric vehicles come with Level 1 chargers, it can take almost 16-24 hrs for a full charge. This is because they use a typical wall outlet and 120 volt power. Therefore, many EV owners install Level 2 chargers at home for shorter charging times. Most Level 2 chargers take 4-6 hrs to recharge a depleted battery.

A home charger is a compact, weatherproof unit that is mounted to a wall. Dedicated EV chargers for homes are usually installed by electricians with additional knowledge of EV charger installation. The process involves wall-mounting the unit on an exterior wall or garage, near to your parking space and connecting it safely to the mains electricity supply.

EV owners choose home charging points for faster charging speeds and safety features. Charging an EV is like charging a mobile phone: plug-in overnight and top-up during the day.

EV Home Charger Installation Flowchart:


Typically installing a home charger requires using a dedicated 240 volt line. It is also important to consider the length of the cord on the charger. Many units come with a 15 foot cord, which may or may not be sufficient.

The cost of installing a home charger depends on a variety of factors. If the site is prewired to accept 240 volt power, this reduces the installation cost.

4 big factors to consider when choosing installation services for your home EV charger:

Safety: Installing a home EV charger safely requires expert knowledge for both your home’s electrical system & the charger. Without this, the installation process can go wrong and safety of people, property & vehicle can be compromised.

Compliance: Make sure your charger is certified (IP65) & OCPP compliant.

Price: Apart from the charger, it is very important to determine the charger installation cost. For eg., the distance between your fuse box and your parking spot will influence the cost of the cable and therefore the overall installation cost.

Services & experience: Trained service providers and quality of service are also key considerations when selecting an EV charger and the installation service. When looking for a charger, you don’t just want a company that sells you a product and installs it. You should look for a comprehensive service package which involves pre-installation survey, post-installation guidelines on how to use the charger and its accompanying app.

When it comes to installing a home charger, there’s one particular question that is very common:

Why do I need a charger, can’t I just use a 13A plug?
A charger has multiple advantages over a 13A plug:

1. Fast Charging: EV Chargers, depending upon their rated capacity can charge your EV at much faster rates compared to 13A plug point.
2. Safety: EV Chargers come with many in-built protection systems which enhances the overall safety.
3. Access Control: EV Chargers comes with OTP/RFID authorization systems. So you can be sure that no one uses the charging point at your parking lot without your permission.
4. Smart Features: Most EV Chargers come with features like remote access control, smart charging, start-stop timer etc. which are not available in 13A plug.


Kazam Home Charging Solutions:

Kazam provides dependable home charging solutions. Click here to visit the Kazam website, then fill this up ↓.


Kazam Chargers are equipped with a variety of features and intelligent functions.



The power to recharge your EV has to come from somewhere. Unless you plan to swap short stops at the petrol pump for lengthy sessions at a public charging station, you’ll have to recharge your EV at home. This means you’ll need a home EV charging point.

By ensuring a professional EV charger installation at home, you will have peace of mind and reap rewards in the long run. From making sure your charger is safe and complies with grid norms, a solid installation service can make all the difference.

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