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How do I use the Kazam Mobile App to locate the nearest EV charging stations?
Nimit Arora
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Published on 29th Apr 22

Kazam is an agnostic EV charging software platform building India's largest smart and affordable EV charging network. We have 3000+ charging stations throughout the country. In this blog, we’ll explain how to use our app to locate your nearest EV charging station.

The Kazam EV Mobile App is available for download on Android & Apple ↓


After downloading the app, fill in basic information and you’ll be ready to use the app. You can find your nearest charging point on the app. Click here to see a step-by-step video of the same.


Once you have reached the charging spot, you can scan the QR code and start charging. While charging, you can pass your time by browsing through Kazam Social or by playing some games on the app. Once the charging is done, you can pay through the in-app wallet.

We have another demo video to guide you through the process.

How to locate?

Once you log-in the app, it detects your location and shows you the nearest charging point. Not only that, the app also tells you the distance from the charging point, the rate and timings. Let’s go through an example.

Suppose you are at Dwarka area in Delhi. Your location will be detected (or you can manually enter the location) and nearby charging points will appear ↓


Once you click on that location (Janaki Apartments in this case), you’ll see your distance from the charging point, the rate and the timings.


By clicking on ‘Directions’, you’ll be taken to Google Maps from where you will be shown the direction to that charging point.

Additional features of the Kazam Mobile App:


The app provides integrated wallet to wallet payment system as well. The app has smart features and you can enter time to start and stop charging. You can also view your charging history.

To learn more, visit us at kazam.You can also contact us at support@kazam.in

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