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Guidance to buying your Electric Charging Station
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Published on 3rd Aug 21

Kazam EV Charger: Guidance to buying your Electric Charging Station

EV adoption is increasing globally, and India is no exception. While Indian automakers have begun to introduce high-tech EVs, some government policies are hastening adoption. The Indian automobile market is experiencing a disruption. Electrification is leading the way have the potential to have a significant impact on auto OEMs and auto component manufacturers. By announcing its plans for the next decade, India is paving the way for EVs and their technologies. The country is aiming for a high level of EV adoption by 2030.


As we are moving forward with the adoption of EVs, India requires a widespread charging infrastructure to meet the growing adoption of EVs. Many start-ups such as Kazam EV Tech and others are facilitating the goal to cope-up the demand of increasing EV charging infrastructure.


About Kazam EV Chargers:

Kazam is providing the best chargers which are having the facility of all-weather functionality. It allows you to earn money too by installing it as a public charger as they provide the facility of kazam mobile application, which will eventually help attract the electric car drivers for charging their vehicles. After completing the charging, a small amount of money from the driver's wallet will deduct, and your wallet will be credited. You can go to the Kazam website kazam.in to check more information as well.


Kazam EV charger may use for various purposes: commercial or personal. It is a 3.3 KW AC charger that you can use to charge electric bikes, electric rickshaws, electric auto and electric cars. It is a charger that stays connected to the internet via a SIM card. The company will install this charger at your place by ownself and electric scooter driver, electric bike driver. The electric car drivers will come there with the help of the kazam application and charge their vehicles. After completing the charging, a small amount of money from the driver's wallet will deduct, and your wallet will be credited. Also, at what rate one have to sell the electricity will be divided by oneself. And one can use the mobile app to track electricity consumption and earnings.


Installing an EV charger does not necessitate a licence. A three-phase connection that can handle the load of your desired EV chargers is preferable.


Why should you buy a Kazam EV Charger?

Kazam provides you with the best charger with unique technical specifications:

1. 2-G based charger with all-weather functionality

2. Tamper-proof with a 67 IP rating

3. A fuse and an MCB are installed for user safety, and the charger is 30*15 cm in size.

4. The maximum voltage needed is 280 V with a power rating of 3.3 KW/ 7KW.


What should you do to buy a Kazam EV Charger?

To get a kazam charger, one has to follow some simple steps:-

• Go to kazam website kazam.in and book your charger

• Kazam engineers will come to your place and install the charger

• After then one can go to the kazam mobile app -add charger, set rate, timings and mention if you are using it for personal use or commercial use.

• Purchased charger will get listed on Kazam's mobile app and Google Maps so that drivers can discover about the charger.

How does the Kazam Application work?

The following are the steps for effectively using the Kazam Application:



Stage 1 - Get the Kazam application.

Begin by downloading our app from the App Store or Google Play.


Stage 2 - Fill in the blanks with your information.

Enter your mobile phone number and a one-time secret phrase.


Stage 3 - Locate Your Charger > Scan QR Code and Unwind

Once you've located your nearest EV charger, go there, scan the QR code, connect your EV charger wire, and begin charging your vehicle.


Stage 4 - Examine the Colors going Green

When you start charging, the charger's light will change from green to blue to indicate that the vehicle is now charging.


Stage 5 - Pay as you go is the last stage.

You shall have a minimum balance before beginning the charging process for your EV (25 INR). You can pay as you go directly from your wallet using the app.


Kazam, which has offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, makes it suitable for you to access charging stations. The AC Chargers are reasonable, IoT enabled, inexpensive, and universal. It offers a tailored solution to a far range of sectors and industries, including manufacturing plants, offices, workplaces, hospitality, apartments, entertainment, retail, and more. The chargers are proudly manufactured in-house by IITIans. These products have formed in India for our green-tech-loving Indian customers.


Conclusion: Want to get your own EV Charger?

So, from here, you undoubtedly get the idea of the benefits you will get after buying the Kazam Ev charger. This product is waterproof and also has anti-theft features. If someone tries to steal it, you will get notifications on your mobile phone. Apart from this, the company gives you a 1-year replacement warranty. So, friends, I would like to suggest you purchase this product personally, so go to kazam.in today and book your charger point and start earning money from your home. Please contact Kazam EV right away!

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