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Fundamental Knowledge of Charging Management Software
Nimit Arora
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Published on 17th Jan 22

Keeping the growing EV needs in mind, the EV charging management software was developed as a single operation board for all charging activities pertaining to the customer as well as the businesses. When the entire process of management becomes easier, it enables time-saving, remarkable service experience, and great reliability.

An EV Charging Management Software provides a way for the users to utilize their time efficiently. It provides a way to keep a track of public charging stations accessed, amounts charged at each point, history of receipts, charging figures, tracing nearest EV charging stations, quick online payment, etc. A simple mobile app works as the user section of the entire EV charging management software.

For the owners of EV charging stations & points, this software is a great way to manage and operate the charging infrastructure. This single software can integrate the entire physical hardware which includes tracking and utilizing data & statistics for analysis.


CMS is basically a cloud-based backend system managed by the company operating the charging station. The EVSE communicates with the CMS to manage user authorization, rate of charging and billing. The CMS also enables user-facing apps to help end-users find their nearest charging stations, reserve a slot & pay.

Via a CMS, the company operation center can: connect & monitor, view dashboard, configure end-user & client interface, schedule availability, collect revenue, track power costs, get customized reports, manage users & fleets, send notifications, balance power load, provide updates, provide location-based offers, offer customer service, flaunt their & the client’s brand and keep everything in control.

There are a number of remote tools available in the EV Charging Station Management Software ensuring optimal operations of charging stations and quick support from the accessed data & reports. These records include maintenance logs, user details, power usage and detailed charging activity to store & analyze. Additionally, it offers an option for quick online payments which is easy to access for charging transactions.

Following are some of the features that make this EV charging management software (or system) a necessity:

  • Maps: To enable an overview of nearest stations with real-time status and facilities.
  • Flexible Tariff: Dynamically setting up tariffs for each charging station and charger type. Supports surge tariff setting as well.
  • Analysis of Charges: To provide detailed transaction reports and keeping track of charges at each station.
  • Remote Adjustment: To allow remote settings adjustments and station maintenance without a physical presence.
  • Payment: To include a quick payment process for users with relevant details.
  • 360⁰ App: To enable easy & quick access to all charging stations and their provisions through your mobile phone from anywhere.

The ideal CMS is an end-to-end EV charging and energy management solution. It connects OCPP-enabled infrastructure with the operation center and allows real-time monitoring of charging data. (For more details on ‘what is OCPP’, visit All about OCPP). 

The integrated CMS aims to enable businesses to give their consumers a credible, dependable experience through white-label apps while ensuring their charge points' efficiency. One can provide users with end-user apps to check to charge status, make payments and sync the app data to the dashboard to monitor charging stations in real-time.

Benefits of CMS for EV charging infrastructure businesses:

  • Real-time monitoring, maintenance & troubleshooting of chargers.
  • Dynamic load management capabilities.
  • Periodic charge point operator reports.
  • Revenue generation figures.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analytics.
  • OCPP compliance.
  • Customized fleet management capabilities.

Kazam Charging Management Software:

Kazam’s CMS provides unparalleled value to customers & businesses alike. Kazam CMS is a software developed for EV fleets, charge point operators (CPOs), charging station manufacturers, and residential & commercial properties. When you purchase Kazam CMS and your organization has successfully onboarded, chargers you bought from Kazam will automatically show up on the CMS. Those will be ready to be managed from your dashboard.

Features of Kazam CMS: Cloud-enabled, OCPP-compliant, allows setting differential rates, remote monitoring, real-time analysis, a single dashboard to control & balance the load in multiple stations, EV charging simulator, customizable, seamless operations through a personalized mobile app.


Kazam CMS is the best-charging management solution for Charge Point Operators, EV Manufacturers, Residential & Commercial buildings, and EV fleets. For more information, feel free to contact Kazam at Kazam CMS.


EV Charging Management Systems are crucial for managing the various expectations of those involved in the EV charging ecosystem. Through a dedicated interface, EV owners are provided real-time information by the management system. Systems should not only provide an interface for the EV users, but also a detailed yet simplified framework to all participants involved in smart charging infrastructure. This includes charging stations operators, aggregators, and other smart grid stakeholders.

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