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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost in India
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Published on 10th May 21

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost in India

The new and growing mode of passive income these days is to install an EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Station) which has led to an increase in providers of EVCS. 

Here is the List of Manufacturers of EVCS, and the cost you have to bear to get one of their Charging stations.

ABB India Rs. 130000

ABB offers AC and D charger in a very safe and compact Manner, above is the starting range of ABB India

Amplifying Mobility Rs. 90000

Full featured AC EV charging station has 3.3 KW to 22 KW            AC, has energy metering and is a wall mount charger

BrightBlu Rs. 40000

BrightBlu chargers are linked to the BrightBlu platform, allowing you to monitor your charging sessions right from your palm. The charger also ensures that it uses the available power in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

Delta Rs. 25000 to Rs. 45000

The EV charging solutions are able to fulfill the needs for various applications such as parking, workplace, fleet, residential buildings, etc. Delta has successfully completed numerous installations for several applications and segments around the world.

Exicom Rs. 65000

The Harmony DC-001 EV charger from Exicom is suitable for charging vehicles with a battery voltage of less than 100V. For quick charging scenarios, the charger supports a high current performance of up to 200A. The assets' wide output voltage range allows them to charge anything from a two-wheeler to a passenger vehicle, and the choice of one or two weapons provides versatility.

Kazam Rs. 12600, Pre-Book @ Rs. 900

Kazam charging station is India's first intelligent IoT based Charging Station. The perfect solution for the charging needs of electric vehicles in residential societies, offices, malls, restaurants, shops, and petrol pumps. Charging station owners can utilize our analytical interface to track units charged including the earned amount of payment. It is an all-weather resistant and water-proof, EV charger that provides real-time data analytics and is super convenient to install. Kazam Covers Installation Cost and GST in their price. It also happens to be the cheapest electric vehicle charging station you can buy. 

Magenta PowerGrid Rs. 39499 to Rs. 113000

The ChargeGrid Pro AC Charger is part of a groundbreaking EV group charging solution for residential and commercial use that is now required by Model Building Bye-Laws. This approach combines the benefits of easy installation, fast commissioning, and grid compatibility with Indian grid conditions.

MassTech Rs. 66960

Mass-Tech follows ISO 9001-2015 guidelines and it's own quality system procedure manual and design manual. The final equipment is thoroughly tested before dispatches.

Okaya Rs. 75000

Okaya is a flagship company of Okaya Power Group , a multi - billion INR conglomerate and a symbol of trust for over 38 years. Established in 1980, Okaya Power Group has a dominating presence in tubular inverter batteries, SMF / VRLA, automotive, solar batteries, e-rickshaw batteries, healthcare products (RO Water Purifiers), software development and real estate. Latest addition in the bouquet is Lithium battery , Electric Vehicle Chargers and Charging Stations.

Volttic Rs.950000

Volttic offers a variety of EV charging options for both home and public use. Bharat AC & Bharat DC Charger, CCS/CHAdeMo with Cloud Integrated CMS are some of their solutions.

Need to Find your EV Charger Provider?

At Kazam Ev Tech, we make electric mobility accessible to all! We at Kazam care for our pro EV shoppers and provide them with complete EV solutions. From range, financial aspect, space concerns to the battery and charging solutions. Book your appointment now! For more information, visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/ or send us a message at our social handles Kazam EV, and we will get back to your kazamly!

juli Patar
To open electric vehicle charging station . what is the price
Vikram Mehta
(1)AC Charger 2-22 Kw does require ARAI Approval (2)DC Charger / AC Charger for Out door Installation requires ARAI Approval.(3)DC Voltages like 72/110 V /350 V DC are getting adjust with Car Automatically .(3)Output Kw are also getting adjust with Car /Auto/Passenger Vehicle(4)All Chargers are having Facility of (a)Communication Interface Between Charger and Central Management System _Network Connection(b)Communication Between EVSV and Central Server: Backed Connectivity(c)Communication: Charge Controller like CAN Bus(5)Residential Charger does have facility of Sr.no:4 mentioned above.
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