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Electric bikes | Cost of maintenance for electric bikes
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Published on 19th Jan 21

Electric bikes | Cost of maintenance for electric bikes

Maintenance of electric bikes | Basic things to consider.

If you are an owner of an electric bike or planning to buy a new bike here some regular maintenance tips that can help you keep smooth for years to come. It requires regular standard maintenance for good performance. E-bike is heavier, stronger, and more complex, so you have a few additional maintenance considerations:
  • Understand the type of E-bike you have

Go regularly to the shop and do the bike inspection and tune your bike yearly, or twice a year if you ride regularly.

  • Top off the battery charge 

conserve power as you ride

  • Keep tires properly inflated

Check brakes regularly

  • Do regular checkups of the breaks, oiling, and cleaning.

Regularly clean, lube, and inspect your chain.

Electric bikes require regular maintenance

 Once you have your bike and a preferred local mechanic. you should set up a regular maintenance schedule. Both the shop and your owner’s manual will have suggested service levels. Some e-bikes have recommended maintenance of bike programs.  So, to have a yearly check and tune-up by your shop is really important and highly recommended.

Higher maintenance cost: Tire rotation and brake fluid service.

 Having a motor plus a battery, as well as a beefier frame to support those components, makes e-bikes far heavier than conventional bikes. So it’s important to ensure you have a good set of tires underneath your e-bike

Keep tires regularly as their psi levels and top tires off before each ride because underinflated tires don’t roll efficiently nor support your bike well.

Understand how to fix a flat of your bike or on a bike with a mid-drive motor.  These bikes are more complex, though, requiring you to know how to disconnect and reconnect all the electric connections involved.

Get replacement tires made for e-bikes. They have sturdy sidewalls, good traction, and some puncture resistance, all good qualities when it’s time to retire your old tires.

Maintenance of brakes | E-Bikes

A bike that’s both heavy and fast needs to have adequate stopping power. Regularly check and adjust the brakes. Before each ride, look for obvious issues like loose parts or excessive rotor and pad wear. If you’re not comfortable performing maintenance beyond the examination phase, then have your shop inspect and do needed brake repairs. Replace the brake pads and rotors promptly. Check manufacturer specs for the wear level that signals the need for replacement. As far as maintenance is concerned, you spend only on the air in the tires and replacing the brake shoes or brake pads. Leaving these, there is no expenditure.

Battery Charging cost of E-bikes.

 People often assume that the costs to charge e-bike batteries will be high. As the dials on their electric meter spinning faster than they can see. If you recharge your battery once a day and also you can also do it often. So you have to pay for this maintenance cost. There is also a battery replacement cost which comes under the maintenance cost. The number of times that the battery is charged up to 100%. A good Lithium-ion e-bike battery should last for at least 1000 charge cycles. This means that if you use your bike daily, fully depleting and recharging the battery it goes for a longer time period. At today’s prices, you have to pay around $600 for a good Li-ion battery when it comes to time to buy a replacement. But remember you get your first battery-free when you buy your new e-bike! So you only need to buy a replacement once every 3 years which works out at approximately $200/year. store your bike and the battery out of direct sunlight for long periods and when it’s not being used. If it’s off the bike, keep the battery in a cool dry place to maintain it. You also need mechanical maintenance cost A regular service, a couple of times a year, you have to pay for this cost. If you are traveling at higher speeds on an e-bike and so will consequently get more wear on brake pads and tires. Meaning that these need to be changed out more. There is also an electrical component maintenance cost. You have to pay for the display screen, cabling, electric motor.

So, you need some budget to pay for this maintenance cost.


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