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Do you want to buy an Electric Vehicle Charging Station? Here's what you should know.
Simran Kaur
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Published on 26th Feb 22

Do You Want To Buy And Set Up An EV Public Charging Station? Here's What You Should Know

With the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market, and their reliance on electricity for propulsion, a new infrastructure has been established, one that few are familiar with. If you're considering buying an electric vehicle charging station, you've come to the right place.

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Infrastructure?

1. According to the Ministry of Power's guidelines, the minimum requirements for a Public Charging Infrastructure (PCI) include plug-in nozzles, 33/11 KV cables (for metering and termination purposes), and safety equipment such as circuit breakers.

2. Each public charger shall include at least one electric kiosk equipped with multiple charging ports.

3. Fast charging stations configured for long-range EVs or heavy-duty EVs such as buses must have two chargers of 100 kW each, each with a single connector gun.

4. Private bus and car fleet owners are free to establish charging stations according to their specific needs, as long as the station is not open to the public. Indeed, the minimum infrastructure requirements do not apply to any privately owned EV charging stations.

5. If a fast charger is being installed, the PCS must also have liquid-cooled cables to charge fluid-cooled batteries.

Which type of charger should I use?

1. There are three basic types of chargers. Types 1 and 2 operate on alternating current or A/C, and as such are suitable for slow or moderate charging of electric cars, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers.

2. Type 2 charger is compatible with both alternating current and direct current charging systems, as well as CCS plugs, it is the most economically viable option for those looking to build a public charging ecosystem due to its wide range of applications and low cost.

3. The third type, a direct current charger, is the most expensive but is more practical for highways due to its higher turnover rate, which means it charges cars faster and thus accommodates a greater number of cars per day.

Choosing A Charger Manufacturer: What Should You Look For?

When purchasing a charging station for your electric vehicle, always go with a reputable manufacturer who has been verified and listed by major automakers. This ensures compatibility with your vehicle and future updates, services, and spare parts.

With Kazam EV, you can rely on a well-established manufacturer of IoT-based chargers. Kazam presents the most svelte, cost-effective, and dependable AC charger. It makes it possible to charge electric vehicles (bicycles, bikes and cars, and other EVs). It is a waterproof, anti-theft, and innovative charging station that allows EV owners to charge their vehicles. Additionally, one can earn money by installing it as a public charger.

The rapid growth of electromobility has increased the demand for charging infrastructure. It must be advanced and capable of coexisting with other emerging technologies. This is only possible with an intelligent charging station such as Kazam. It enables you to take advantage of available intelligence that has been designed with your future needs in mind.

Let's take a closer look at the solutions that kazam has to offer!


1. Kazam 3.3

Kazam 3.3 is a 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station that is SIM-based and IoT enabled. It is compatible with electric cars, bicycles, and scooters. It features a three-pin connector and a 16A socket charger. Not only is this Kazam 3.3 charging station a weather-resistant, strong design that can withstand a variety of climatic situations, from Mumbai's rains to Rajasthan's heat. Isn't this the ideal synthesis of the best? Get your hands on Kazam 3.3 now: https://kazam.in/kazam-3.3

2. Kazam Mini

Kazam small is a sleek, compatible gadget that was designed specifically for use with home charging solutions but is also convenient for use with larger solutions. It is a 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station that is extremely affordable, equipped with Wi-Fi and IoT capabilities, and supports all-electric vehicles (Electric Car, Electric Bike, and Electric Scooter.) Like Kazam 3.3, it features a three-pin connector, a 16-amp socket charger, and GSM connectivity (Optional). Isn't this the best mini-deal you've ever encountered? Buy now: https://kazam.in/mini

Attention residents of Delhi: Now you can purchase an EVCS by enrolling in the BSES EVCS scheme. Click here to learn more.


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