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Do you know Ampere scooter claims to cross 75,000 sales?
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Published on 25th Jan 21

Do you know Ampere scooter claims to cross 75,000 sales?

Electric scooters in India- Ampere electric scooters

Electric scooters save you lots of money. There might be a slightly higher-than-normal purchase cost compared to traditional bicycles. Beyond the initial purchase, electric scooters are also relatively inexpensive to maintain, especially compared to automobiles and motorcycles. They are easy to maintain & manage. There is a higher number of consumers choosing electric scooters nowadays. In our country, petrol prices are increasing rapidly. So, there is an increase in the boost of sales of electric scooters.

Ampere scooter claims to cross 75,000 sales.

In the Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing industry there is a total of 75,000 electric scooters have been sold. This company has achieved this new milestone. On this huge achievement, the company has opened its 300th dealership outlet in Panvel, Maharashtra. Also, Ampere has rapidly expanded its presence in the country with 80 dealership outlets. According to a recent report by the sales of electric scooters and motorcycles have substantially increased in the Indian market. There is an increasing awareness of air pollution and that is the reason the government's push to switch to green mobility by heavily incentivized plans for EV buyers and manufacturers in India.

Prices of different models of Ampere Scooters in India.

Ampere Scooter

There are different models of Ampere scooter present in the India. The model Reo comes between the price range of Rs. 43,490 - 56,190. Also, V48 is the model of Ampere which has price of Rs. 37,390. The price of Zeal model is Rs. 68,799. One of the model Reo Elite has a price range of Rs. 42,999 - 59,990. Magnus comes with a Rs. 49,999 - 73,990 price range. So, This all are the different categories.

Ampere  company has expanded its footprint to over 200 cities

Ampere Vehicles are old in electric two-wheeler company category. Ampere Scooters mainly focuses on the  entry-level and affordable electric scooters. In the starting they mainly focused on a small market primarily in South India. But, recently the company has expanded its footprint to over 200 cities in India. Company has planned to take take on the country with a range of electric scooters.

 Ampere portfolio includes six electric two-wheelers.

Ampere electric manufacturers has their product portfolio of this six electric two-wheelers which are Zeal, Reo-Lite, Reo, V, and M series. Recently they have launched Magnus Pro electric scooterr. Ampere, as a brand, is steadily growing in the EV market and plans to have a total of 325 outlets in the country.

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