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Do electric vehicles benefit the environment, if yes then how?
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Published on 16th Feb 21

Do electric vehicles benefit the environment, if yes then how?

Do You Know? 23% of Co2 emission is caused by combustion vehicles. Why not save the earth and start using electric vehicles now? 

There are numerous advantages of electric vehicles (EVs) over conventional petrol or diesel cars for the environment. In today's world, it supports the awareness of climate change which is vital.  

People state, "A Vehicle is a Vehicle'', how will it benefit the environment? For that, below-mentioned are some ways in which electric cars benefit the environment.

Less Air Pollution

The first and foremost benefit is straight. By opting to drive an EV, you are assisting to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. An EV has zero exhaust emission, but still creates a degree of greenhouse gas emissions if charged from the electricity grid.

Thanks to lithium-ion batteries electric cars exempt energy electrochemically without any kind-of combustion. It further implies, zero fuel (0 fuel) being burned and hence no air pollution through CO2 happening while driving.

Less Noise Pollution

Electric cars further help with noise pollution. Remarkably, in cities where speeds of the vehicles are usually low. Since electric cars are far quieter than standard vehicles, driving electric cars creates an extra peaceful environment for us all.

Renewable Energy

If you charge your EV via the solar panel system, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions even further. If you recharge your EV from the electricity grid, you are getting the electricity from renewable energy sources. EV can be run 100% on sustainable, renewable resources.

Fewer Emission

Co2 emissions from traditional vehicles contribute to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and quicken climate change. All-EVs do not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when you drive them. By choosing an electric car, you can decrease your carbon footprint, and pollution impact to help preserve our natural environment. EVs produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change and smog than conventional vehicles. 

With no tailpipe, pure electric cars generate no carbon dioxide emissions when driving. It reduces air pollution considerably. Electric cars give us clean streets building our towns and cities a better place for foot-travellers and cyclists. However, EVs typically produce fewer life cycle emissions than conventional vehicles because most emissions are lower for electricity generation than burning gasoline or diesel.

Reuse - Recycle

Day-by-day 3Rs are gaining popularity. Research & development into the use of second-hand batteries is viewing ways to reuse batteries in modern technologies such as electricity storage. In a time to come, we could all have batteries in our homes being used to stock our energy. Opportunities like this will decrease the lifetime environmental impact of battery manufacture.

Indeed after taking battery manufacture into account, electric cars are still a greener option. It is due to the reduction in emissions produced over the lifetime of the cars.

Additional Benefits

Apart from the environmental benefits, choosing to drive Electric cars provide other benefits, mentioned below: 

  • Can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels 
  • Cheaper to run
  • Cheaper to maintain
  • Cheaper to register
  • Beneficial for our Health
  • Aiding #GreenPower

All these points indicate that electric vehicles have a MAJOR role in benefiting our environment. Humans have historically had a very negative influence on our environment, and shifting to an EV is one way to decrease additional damage to the earth. Citizens are aware of climate change and are taking care of it. We only have one earth, and we need to take care of it. 

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