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Delhi Chandigarh highway Electric Vehicle
Varnika Jain
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Published on 21st Sep 21

Delhi Chandigarh highway Electric Vehicle

Recently, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited(BHEL) has introduced a network of solar-based electric vehicle charging stations. This initiative has brought a new ray of hope for both EV manufacturers and users.

This new plant is constructed as a new charging station near Karnal lake resort. The reason behind this setup is that it is located at a mid-point between Delhi and Chandigarh. It is fully equipped to cater to all the needs of Electric vehicles. All the more future updation will bring out regularly.

Fame I

Under Fame, I policy, the government decided to set up a network of solar-based electric vehicle charging stations.

Fame II

The Government of India introduced the FAME II ( Faster Adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles) scheme in March 2019, which focused on preliminary things.

The government promised to offer more than 50% subsidy at 15,000 per KWH on two-wheeler electric vehicles.

Why this step?

This initiative is taken by the central government, in line with the PM’s vision to make India adopt Electric vehicles. On Independence day, Mr. Modi in his latest speech, shared his vision and mission to weigh environmental security equally with national security.

Other Minister’s Review

The Minister of Heavy industries, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey added to PM's Independence day speech, said- “the Hon’ble PM has highlighted that environment security has the same importance as national security and that India is making all efforts towards becoming energy independent.”

India is a vibrant voice of environmental security which comprises climate change, energy conservation, clean energy transition efforts, etc. and the nation’s efforts in the environment have started giving desired results. This is an important step towards the direction of achieving the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, he added.

A solar-based future ahead

India is approaching more like a green future as the foundation of comparative EV chargers at customary timespans 30 km is on the cards.

The organization of EV charging stations on the parkway will ease range tension among Electric Vehicle clients and reinforce their certainty for city travel.

The Solar EV charging stations are all set for individual matrix associated roof sunlight-based plants that will supply green and clean energy to the charging stations.


Who are we?

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