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CESL will receive 300 Electric Vehicles from TATA Motors
shayma shamim
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Published on 24th May 21

CESL will receive 300 Electric Vehicles from TATA Motors

CESL (Convergence Energy Services Ltd) announced Tuesday that it would purchase 300 electric cars from Tata Motors. This includes 300 EV four-wheelers that are less than 4 meters in length with a range of more than 250 km. As per reports, the total cost of this purchase is approximately Rs 44 crore. The reason behind this collaboration with Tata Motors is to provide EVs to government agencies looking to move from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles in the market.

According to the statement, this purchase will play a significant role in an Asian Development Bank-funded demand-side energy efficiency sector expansion project for CESL.

In a statement, CESL CEO Maha Acharya stated, Electric cars are the future of the country. “We are very pleased that Indian government agencies are constantly working and focusing on electric vehicle expansion. The collaboration with TataMotors is an excellent step for the future development of mobility in India. The company is committed to the successful development of Electric vehicles to flourish the country's ecosystem." Shailesh Chandra, president of Tata Motors' light vehicle division, said that Tata Motors is committed to give their best and contribute to the government's vision of the active use of electric vehicles and is pleased to partner again with CESL. Tata Motors focused collaboration with stakeholders is important for deploying large-scale green solutions.

The Tender will be held on two calendars - for the first time, 300 vehicles are purchased with a three-year warranty at a base price of Rs 14,33,000 per unit, exclusive of GST that consists of 4-wheeled vehicles less than 4M in length and 250km or more.

The second round includes land transportation, including loading, unloading, transportation to special places, transportation insurance, and other costs associated with the delivery of the vehicle. The cost of this will be Rs 21,000 per unit.

EESL Convergence Energy Services Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a new energy company, striving to provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy.

Tata Motors currently sells two electric vehicles in India

TATA, at present, has two EVs in the market. The Tigor electric vehicle was discontinued in 2017. The Nexon, one of the most powerful electric vehicles, was introduced earlier this year. The Tigor EV is equipped with a 72 V AC three-phase asynchronous motor with a power of 30 kW (41 hp), 105 Nm, a battery of 21.5 kWh, and a mileage of 213 km. 

The Nexon EV has 129 hp and 245 Nm of power from a synchronous permanent magnet motor and has a range of 312 km with a battery of 30.2 kW.

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