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Can AC Charging Stations be Used to Charge Electric Cars?
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Published on 30th Mar 21

Can AC Charging Stations be Used to Charge Electric Cars?

Are you planning to purchase an electric car and exploring ways to charge it via AC chargers? Look no more as below you'll find all the details related to an AC Charger and an Electric car.

What is an AC Charger?

AC chargers refer to Alternative Current chargers and are the most common method of charging an electric vehicle. 

How does it Work?

It uses an onboard charger to convert electricity from AC Power from conventional AC grid to DC power to charger traction battery pack. Electric cars have a standardized vehicle inlet, and a charging cable is used to connect the vehicle connector to the infrastructure socket of the AC charging station.

In some cases, the charging cables are permanently-connected to the charging station, similar to a petrol pump. Let us understand this with the help of an image.

AC Charger India, Electric Car, Kazam EV, Kazam AC Charger

Types of AC Chargers

Normal AC Charging

These chargers charge electric 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and 4-wheeler vehicles in India. It has an onboard charger that charges at a rate of around 2.5kW to 3kW.

AC chargers can charge a 2-wheeler in an hour. On the other hand, a 4-wheeler or larger vehicle with batteries of 12 KWh or more will be-charged within five to six hours.

Fast AC Charging

International electric cars like Nissan Leaf or the Tesla have onboard chargers with higher power ratings. It enables AC charging at a faster rate, from 7.7 kW to 22 kW.

Types of AC Plug Connectors 

Below mentioned are the types of AC Plug Connectors:  

AC Charger India, Electric Car, Kazam EV, Kazam AC Charger

China has its standard (similar to Type 2) and Tesla has its own properties charger. Below mentioned are the technical aspects of Type 1 and Type 2 chargers.

Type 1

  • Single Phase AC
  • 5 Pins: Two AC pins, one earth, two signal pins (for communication)
  • Voltage and current ratings: 120V or 240V, current up to 80 A
  • J1772, IEC 60309 (Mostly used by the US, Japanese and Indian electric cars)

Type 2

  • Both single and 3 phase AC charging 
  • Two signal pins, five power pins
  • Voltage and current rating: 1 phase 230V, current up to 80 A and 3 phase 400V, current up to 63 A
  • IEC 62196 (Mostly used by Indian and Global electric cars)

When To Use AC Chargers?

To charge or not to charge your car from an AC charger depends on you! The choice to use which charging port and when is determined by how quickly you want it to be recharged and the distance you are travelling. For example: if you go out to watch a movie, you can put your car on an AC charger for 4-5 hours (keeping in mind, you won't travel after that and might go back home). On the other hand, if you plan to go for a long drive and are taking a stop, it is advisable to charge with a DC charger for speedy charging and the distance to be travelled will be more. 

AC Charger India, Electric Car, Kazam EV, Kazam AC Charger

 The above table shows the relation between charging time and charging power. Hence, we suggest shifting to a DC charger if you want to charge your car faster.

Companies selling AC Chargers in India

  • Kazam EV
  • Exicom
  • Mass-Tech Charger
  • Bosch and more


What is EVSE?

An EVSE includes the electrical equipment external to the EV that provides a connection for an EV to a power source for charging and is equipped with advanced features like smart-metering, cellular capability and network connectivity.

What is Bharat EV Policy?

Bharat EV is standardization of protocol for charging infrastructure dated 15th May 2017. Passed under the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Department of Heavy Industry. 

What is FAME II?

The central government of India launched a scheme named FAME II. Allocation of a 1000 Crore investment is provided for charging infrastructure in India (for the years 2019-2022). It provides an advantage to any individual or entity that can set up a charging station with any license.

Need to know more? 

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