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BMW India's 180-day EV plan calls for the introduction of three new electric vehicles into the market
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 30th Nov 21

BMW India's 180-day EV plan calls for the introduction of three new electric vehicles into the market

BMW will be testing three electric vehicles in India and announced to launch all three vehicles within the coming six months. BMW India President and CEO Vikram Pahwa confirmed the news and said in a statement while talking to a news agency that electric vehicles are the next big BMW initiative to boost e-mobility in the country.

As the demand for electric vehicles in India continues to grow, so does the electric vehicle market. Tesla Model 3, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Audi E-Tron, E-Tron GT, and Porsche Taycan continue to lead the EV market of India. In response to this trend, BMW India has announced the launch of new electric vehicles in the Indian EV market. According to the announcement, three new electric vehicles will be launched in India in the next six months.


CEO Vikram Pawah give details about the upcoming Electric cars

Vikram Pawah, President and CEO of BMW Group India, said in a statement with a news agency that "we succeeded, but the growth in the first 10 months was so strong that we achieved a lot of results. We are taking product feedback that will help us at achieving a shift towards clean and green vehicles. BMW will launch three electric vehicles in India in the next 180 days. In the first 30 days, the BMW iX all-electric SUV will be launched, then after 90 days MINI Electric will be launched by BMW in India. Then, Later we will launch the BMW i4, the first Sedan electric car. "

BMW is launching its flagship electric SUV, the iX, for the first time across the country. It will be available for the citizens within the coming 30 days. Following the launch of the BMW iX SUV in the next three months, the company will launch a Mini electric vehicle and finally its much-awaited BMW i4 sedan. As per the reports, it will be launched in India in the first half of the next year. All three vehicles will be brought to India via the CBU route, according to BMW officials in an interview. BMW's first electric SUV is an all-wheel-drive electric SUV with an autonomy of 425 km in a complete single charge.


BMW iX is a completely “Green Vehicle”

To promote green vehicles completely, iX uses a lot of natural or recycled materials in its manufacturing. BMW iX is a completely green vehicle, with no rare earth metals and raw materials from offshore fields. This car has two electric motors which help iX to reach its speed from 0 to 100 mph in 6.1 seconds. This features differential iX from the rest of the cars of its race. However, the iX currently has two models in the world, the iX30 and the iX50. However, it is not disclosed yet which two models BMW will launch in India within the coming 30 days. As per a few published reports, BMW will make available the iX electric car for the citizens in the first week of December across the country to buy.

Mini-Electric will be available after the iX release. According to the WLTP (Unified Light Vehicle Test Method), the mileage of the BMW Mini is 235 kilometers. It is expected that the BMW i4 sedan will arrive in India in the first half of next year. At a press conference earlier this week, BMW India's president and CEO Vikram Pahwa requested the government to reform the country's tax system for all-electric vehicles. Other foreign EV makers such as Tesla and Hyundai have also asked the Indian government to make some amendments to the tax system of India for EV manufacturers and sellers.

Tax benefits based on the needs of these companies will encourage manufacturers to invest in a wider EV ecosystem and help India to boost the usage of electric vehicles for daily use. First, BMW delivers the fast AC iX 11KW AC EV chargers. It takes 7 hours to charge the BMW iX completely or 100%. After two and a half hours of charging, the car can easily cover 100 km with a hassle-free journey. In addition, BMW will install 50 kW DC fast chargers in all its 35 retail outlets across the country.

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