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Best Range two-wheeler Electric Scooters in India
Varnika Jain
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Published on 6th May 21

Best Range Electric Scooters in India

With the enforcement of FAME-II subsidy infrastructure for electric vehicles by the government of India and the rising petrol prices added to other environmental problems the focus of the Indian population has been shifted from old petrol and diesel vehicles to new and energetic electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the mobility solution of the Future.

Pros of keeping an Electric vehicle are:

  • Less maintenance cost is required.
  • Less pollution.
  • Charging is easier.
  • Running costs are low.

Here’s a list of the Best Range of Electric scooters in India.


I-Praise called the one for all scooters. Costing around 1.12 lakh-1.14 Lakh Various features of I-Praise include detachable Lithium-Ion and chargeable at any point in time. Mobile charging port in case your phone battery goes off you can pause at any juncture and charge your cell. Stylish tail lamps for those who love elegance. Aerodynamic Design styling provides good stability, control, and handling qualities.  I-Praise+ comes with Front LED Headlamp, what makes it different from others is its stunning feature of Large foot space with the body-colored floor mat. What’s completely new about this electric scooter is that it’s an app-based scooter. This intelligent scooter gives you the freedom to manage your vehicle, analyses speed, battery information, and alerts. It also comes with a 1-year free service.

Ather 450

Ather is an electric bike produced by Ather Energy in India. It is fueled by a 5.4 kW Brushless DC electric engine, and a 2.4 kWh lithium-particle battery pack. The scooter can increase the speed of 0–40 km/h in 3.9 seconds. It has a top speed of 80 km/h with a 75 km range. The motor power is 5400 watts and the torque output offered is 22 Nm. The on-road market price is ₹ 1,39,900. The range is offered between 55-75 Km. Some additional features of this scooter are, 7-inch touchscreen instrument cluster with features like Google Maps navigation, digital document storage, 24X7 connectivity with an in-built SIM, and even over-the-air software upgrades. Ather app allows you to check charge status, push navigation, ride statistics, and booking.

Ather 450X

This sportier model of Ather, offers us a range between 60-85 km. Top speed comes at 80Kmph, which comes with a large battery pack that is a welcome step by most riders. The engine power is knocked up to 6000 watts. The torque output offered is 26 Nm. The charging time is 5 Hrs (80% in 1 Hr Fast Charge). When all these things come together, the real-world performance of the scooter seems to increase. The scooter comes at a price of ₹ 1,59,900. New shading alternatives – Green and Black which makes it crazier and sportier.

Bajaj Chetak

In January 2020, Bajaj again hit the market with its new electric vehicle. The average ex-showroom charger is 1,37,906. It is accessible in 2 variations and comes 6 in colors. The power generated by the motor is 3800 W. Bajaj comes with a combined braking system of both wheels. The power rating of the motor is 4KW with 16Nm torque. Bajaj claims that it would last for 70,000 Km before needing a replacement. The scooter is equipped with several new and advanced features like, reverse assist mode, regenerative braking, and an onboard Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) to control charge and discharge seamlessly. It is capable of a returning range of 95 and 85 km. The scooter competes with two premium E- vehicle market segments like Ather and Okinawa i-praise.

Who are we?

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