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Best Electric vehicle charging station to use in rain
Varnika Jain
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Published on 15th Sep 21

Best Electric vehicle charging station to use in rain

India is a rain-fed country that witnesses a huge amount of rain every year. It seems that rain and electricity contain a long relation of friendship and rivalry simultaneously. With our deep analysis and endeavour, Kazam has brought to the all-weather resistant chargers.

What is the science behind rain and chargers?

Benjamin Franklin coined the word atmospheric electricity. This term defines the excess of negative electrons brought by the rain. Researchers observed that condensation took place around negative ions in the atmosphere. Thus earth and negative are in contact since charging plugs use an earth wire in them. So people think that an earth wire carries a negative charger. The science behind this is that earth has a neutral charge because when all the negative ions are brought down on earth by the rain the atmosphere remains positively charged. So the contact of both negative and positive charges makes the ground neutral.

The art behind making EV chargers safe

Automotive engineers design EVs in such a manner. So they are secured from any form of short circuit, spark, water mixing and current loss.They build chargers in such a way by folding off layers of protective layers.

Kazam Chargers

KAZAM chargers are the pioneer in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Kazam is building India's most affordably smart IoT enabled charge points for electric motors. It possesses a feature of safety, both for individuals and vehicles. They are weather and waterproof and can function in all weather. Kazam charge points are agnostic to vehicle type and can charge all-types-of-vehicles i.e.cars, bikes and rickshaws. Kazam enables various hosts like offices, restaurants, Packing lots, Apartments etc, to convert your parking spots into EV spots. What’s best about Kazam is they provide this superior charger in an affordable range of Rs. 12,600. So you need to hunt the market and waste your precious time.


Charging cycles of electric vehicles are very smooth and safe. Once you plug in the charging attachments to the charging port of your vehicle, the flow of electricity occurs when a correspondence channel is created between electric vehicles and charging stations. Kazam charging plugs show current flow and power signs until it is completed. This essentially vouches for the way that no current way starts until there is an issue. In any event, during charging, an electric vehicle is appropriately observed and the charging interaction is promptly halted in case there are any external associations or disturbances. These are the realities that expense the case that electric vehicles are probably the most secure choice to charge, and journey through the streets regardless of the climate conditions and directing out each dread and misguided judgment.

Who are we?

Feel free to investigate, track down your fit - how you can help the country in improving as a spot to live. For more data like this, follow Kazam EV! We care for our ace EV customers and give them complete EV arrangements from range, monetary viewpoint, space worries to the battery, and charging equipment. Book your arrangement now! For extra data, visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/or send us a message at our social handles Kazam EV, and we will return to your kazamly!

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