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Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Apartments
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Published on 21st Apr 21

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Apartments

The rise of the need of having charging stations in apartment complex leads to a new age question; which EV charging station is best for apartments?

We went through multiple brands of charging stations, their features, price and their service but before we jump to all of that here are few of the things that are needed to taken into consideration before we go on about the brands

Challenges of having an EV charging station on multiple story apartments.

Many residential multi story buildings do not have a permanent or a fixed parking spot hence can cause trouble in installing a charging station.

Concerns of building association members

Many Societies are reluctant to install a charging station or are reluctant in cooperating in installation, this can mostly be associated with the scare of safe electricity usage 24 by 7 by  EV charging stations.

Some extra things to keep in mind

1.estimating number of current and future users

2. availability of parking space

3. Entire incurred expense

NOW, which EV Station to opt for?

We reviewed all the charging stations in the market, TATA Power EV charging station, Okaya, Magenta group, fortum and many more and we concluded that the best EV charging station Brand has to be Kazam.

 Here is an Overview of Some of the Companies

  • TATA Power– The name of TATA is well-known in the vehicle manufacturing sector of India and owing to its status, it is also one of the most prominent manufacturers of EV charging stations in the country. TATA’s EV charging network covers an area of 9 states. The company is looking forward to creating infrastructure for home charging as well as public charging like at metro stations, shopping malls, theatres and highways and has costlier apartment based charging stations.
  • Delta Electronics India – Delta is India’s leading EV Charging manufacturer in terms of  sales and offers a wide variety of charging equipment including DC Quick Charger and AC EV charger. It also provides a Site Management System for parking lots, working places, residential buildings and more. DElta chargers cost between 3lahs to 5lakhs
  • Fortum India – Fortum is a Finnish clean energy company with activities in more than 40 countries. It has to its credit the first public charging station for Indian Oil in Hyderabad. Very Bulky Model.

  • Mass-Tech– Mass-Tech is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial battery chargers and control panels It has to its credit the completion of the installation for DC Fast Charging Station in Mumbai, in partnership with TATA motors.
  • Exicom– Exicom is a manufacturer which offers EV charging stations for public charging of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles and passenger cars. For the home, it actually provides the ultimate charging solutions.It has brilliantly set up the Bharat AC and DC chargers for Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito cars obtained by EESL.Exicom is committed to achieve the goal of making India a 100 percent Electric Vehicles nation and supports the Government’s mission of shifting a major chunk of the country’s fleet to electric mode by 2030.Exicom’s Harmony multi standard fast DC charger is an all in one electric vehicle charging solution with 3 output connectors complying with CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 AC, serving all types of vehicles and charging needs. This design alone can provide flexibility to accommodate anywhere between 30kW-200kW. However, their model is not good for multi story buildings.

Then we have Kazam, an idea that grew into a successful business in the middle of the pandemic. Manufacturers of Kazam EV chargers are IIM alumni, determined to provide the best of EV chargers at a very reasonable price. Kazam’s EV chargers  are investor centred, you can make money by installing a kazam EV charger, you can set your own rate per unit and even track your income through their app. It has an IoT enabled smart charger that is designed by IITians. It has a 24/7 connectivity via sim. It is all weather resistant and waterproof.

Kazam’s EV charger can be used to charge cars & 3 wheelers as well and Charges e-bikes in 2 hours. The Charger is built to handle up to 7kw power, it is 3 pinpoint 16 A socket used to charge all types of vehicles and generally, An electric bike or electric scooter charges fully within 2 hours. It can also be remotely monitored and people with electric vehicle can see you charging point on the map, this increases your chance to earn a much better income. All this at 12600 inclusive of tax and installation plus its compact size makes it a champion over other brands of EV Charging stations.

For overview of features of Kazam EV charging station, Go to https://www.kazam.in/solutions/house

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