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Best 3.3 KW AC Charging Station in India
Swati Porwal
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Published on 20th Mar 21

Best 3.3 KW AC Charging Station in India

With the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in India) initiative, Govt. Of India plans to set up charging infrastructure across the country to promote Electric Vehicles. The ministry of Power plans to set up a Public Charging Station every 3 km in urban cities and a fast-charging station every 100 km in Highways.

Customers who already own an EV prefer an affordable and compact AC charger that can be used within their homes' comfort and can charge their vehicle without any worry of voltage surge or damage to the battery. Shopkeepers, Apartment Owners, Malls, Office and Parking Space Owners are also on the lookout for chargers that are affordable, compact, installed within their current setup and can be used commercially, if possible. For starters and in the affordable but value for money segment, 3.3kW AC chargers work best. These chargers can charge two and three-wheelers within a reasonable time, and four-wheelers take few hours according to their battery capacity.

Desirable Features

  • It should be Tamper proof and all-weather resistant. Must be water, sand and dustproof. 
  • It should be compact and wall mountable.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Should have a high-temperature tolerance and durable
  • Must be connected to a digital network to track electricity consumption 
  • Must be protected from voltage surges.

Required Technical Specifications

  • Should be able to support different vehicles
  • Should have visual indicators to indicate charging
  • Must be able to handle voltage > 240V and current > 15 Amp
  • Should have high efficiency
  • Power Rating of 3.3 kW

For customers interested in starting their own Charging Space and use it commercially while opting for an affordable charging solution without any installation hassles, Kazam's AC Charger is the most suitable product you can move forward with. 

Kazam's AC Charger

Kazam Lite<br>

Kazam offers a 3.3 kW AC charger that can be used for personal as well as commercial purpose. It offers a complete charging solution that includes delivery, installation and mobile app connectivity through which device owners can track their electricity usage and consumption while users can find different charging stations nearby.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Bike, Rickshaw and Car charging supported
  • Charger can handle upto 7kW power
  • 3 pinpoint 16 A socket to charge all types of vehicles
  • IoT enabled, Sim Based Smart Charger - no need of external connectivity
  • Remote monitoring dashboard for high visibility
  • Sleek, compact and rugged design
  • Single output
  • Tamper proof and all-weather functionality with ABS Plastic Body
  • Multi-coloured smart LED
  • Includes MCB and Fuse and is safe to use with proper earthing
  • Can handle a maximum voltage of 280V and a maximum current upto 20Amps.
Key Specifications<br>

Kazam's Mobile Application

With the device, Kazam also offers you a mobile application that can be used by consumers and device owners. 

For device owners - 

  • EV drivers can search your charging station via our app using location based search.
  • We also update your charging space location as Google Maps that increases visibility and invites more drivers.
  • You can set per unit rate or hourly rate in our app and charge accordingly. Receive your payment through our simple and easy payment gateways.
  • Track the no of electricity units used during each charge through our app.

For EV Owners -

  • Use our app to find nearest EV charging space and charge your vehicle worry free.
  • Cashless transactions through wallet, connect your EV, charge pay and go.

So, what are you waiting for, set up your first charging station and contribute towards a sustainable charging infrastructure that will soon be a necessity of future.

Reach out to https://www.kazam.in/kazam_lite_detail.html for more product details. You can also reach out to us on our social media handles at https://www.facebook.com/kazamelectric and https://www.instagram.com/kazam_ev/ for more info.

Let's charge up towards the future through Kazam.

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