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Are you having difficulty installing an EV charging station in your apartment or community? Now is the time to get in touch with Kazam EV
Simran Kaur
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Published on 9th Nov 21

Challenges Faced By Apartments And Societies, Installing Kazam EV Charging Station

Globally, the automobile sector is gradually returning to normalcy as countries adjust to the 'new normal,' and perhaps some would proceed with their decision to buy a new vehicle, serving as a preventative step against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic (avoiding public transport).

Electric vehicles are becoming a reality as various companies bravely introduce their EV automobiles, with the bulk of them succeeding. Globally and in India, the growth of electric vehicles is inescapable. While various manufacturers have begun to introduce EVs, a number of difficulties remain, chief among them - the development of charging infrastructure.

Charging Infrastructure can undo the EV push:

- In 2021, India was expected to have 950 charging stations, considerably fewer than our neighbouring nations, which now have over 5 million.

- The country needs a vast charging infrastructure to accommodate the growing popularity of electric automobiles. Range anxiety is a prevalent issue among EV users, and while a dense charging network reduces an EV driver's waiting time and alleviates some of the concerns. The biggest issue we encounter is a lack of property suitable for convenient access to EV charges for drivers, particularly large cars.

- As people who live in housing societies are not permanent residents but are there on a temporary basis in the majority of situations, they cannot afford to install a charging station on a temporary basis if they possess an electric vehicle.

- Maintenance issues might arise if public charging stations are installed in housing communities, as most individuals who don't use them would not want to pay for them.

- Temporary chargers would necessitate the installation of wiring and other electric infrastructure, which would pose additional issues to society, as well as the cost of security to maintain them.

- Often, tenants are not permitted to make modifications to the parking places allocated to them, which usually results in disagreement between the society and the EV owner.

- Numerous societies are hesitant to build or cooperate with the construction of EV charging stations. This is mostly due to the fear of safe power use 24 hours a day by EV charging stations.

However, we believe that all of these are transitional issues and that adoption of EVs is inevitable; only sound policy and decision-making will expedite the process.

While India’s EVs suffer from a lack of charging infrastructure, the Indian government has made the business of EV charging stations available to anybody without requiring rigorous qualifying standards. Therefore Installing the world's most economical charging station is critical for avoiding lengthy break throughs and overcoming range anxiety.

Kazam offers the most stylish, cost-effective, and dependable AC charger available on the market. For your parking place, a 3.3 kW, Internet of Things-enabled, SIM-based smart charger. It enables the charging of electric autos (bikes, scooters and rickshaws, and cars). It is a waterproof, anti-theft smart charging station that enables EV owners to make money while charging their vehicles. Owners of electric vehicles may use Google Maps or the Kazam smartphone app to locate their chargers.

What are the benefits of installing Kazam EV charging stations?

1. Low cost - Kazam offers some of the most economical electric car charging stations on the market.

2. Weather-resistant - Kazam offers a durable, water-wind resistant charging station.

3. Theft-proof - Kazam charging stations 24/7 connectivity offers the owner charger reports.

4. Compact - Kazam features a versatile and compact design that fits snugly against the wall.

5. Application - Kazam offers an Android and iPhone application that benefits both the owner and every electric vehicle user.


Buy Now - Kazam takes care of our EV customers and provides them with a wide range of EV services. From the range and cost of electric vehicles to the battery and charging systems. The sooner you book, the better. From EV recommendations to charging solutions, we have you covered. Make an appointment as soon as possible! Visit us at Kazam or send us a message via our social media handles Kazam EV for more information, and we will respond to you kazamly!

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