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All about Komaki Electric Bikes: Price, Specifications, and more
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 18th Nov 21

All about Komaki Electric Bikes: Price, Specifications, and more

KLB Komaki is an Electric Vehicle manufacturer which was founded on November 23, 1987, mainly produces electric bicycles, electric scooters, and electric tricycles. With extensive experience in its fields, the company offers many features such as high performance, excellent strength, robust construction, long life, and low operating costs. The company currently employs 51 to 100 people and ensures a well-organized and smooth operation. The current directors and officers of the company are Rajendra Pal Malhotra and Gunjan Malhotra. In addition, the company has been performing well in the EV market for the past more than 30 years.

Today, we will review the two Komaki Bikes: XGT Classic and XGT Charge including their specifications, price, features, and so on.

Komaki XGT Classic

The Komaki XGT Classic is a modern electric bicycle with an attractive new classic look from the Komaki product line. It is designed for those looking for a convenient solution for personal transportation in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well as in rural areas.


Komaki XGT Classic Design

When it comes to design, the Komaki XGT Classic electric bike has an attractive, modern old-school body shape, classic round LED headlights, LED leg plates, attractive LED tail lights, comfortable long sets, and different colour options. The Komaki XGT Classic electric bicycle uses a BLDC central motor with a removable lithium-ion battery. The Komaki XGT Classic features a fully digital cluster instrument, an instrument cluster with a digital colour display, a sleek and clear dashboard panel, alloy wheels, and tubeless tires.

Komaki XGT Classic Specification

The Komaki XGT Classic uses a BLDC hub motor with a maximum power of 1.5 kW. The new e-bike is equipped with a 72 V/30.5 Ah or 2.1 kWh Li-ion battery for better performance. The Komaki XGT Classic electric bike impresses on long distances and can cover 80 to 105 km on a full charge. Its range is decided by the condition of Electric bike riding. Charging a new e-bike battery takes 2 to 3 hours. The suspension functions are solved by telescopic shock absorbers on the front wheels and hydraulic shock absorbers on the rear wheels. Braking operations are handled by replacing the front and rear disc brakes, and the Synchronous Braking System (SBS) improves braking and safe driving. The Komaki XGT Classic e-bikes use the latest stainless steel alloy wheels.


Komaki XGT Classic Features

The Komaki XGT has many advanced features, such as classic round LED headlights, LED turn signals, attractive LED tail lights, comfortable long seats, and a modern look. The new electric bicycle is fully digital with a digital colour display and an intelligent animated dashboard that can display important e-bike information such as speed, odometer reading, speed reading, and a low battery signal. In terms of safety, the front and rear wheels of the new Komaki XGT Classic electric bicycle are equipped with disc brakes and a Synchronous Braking System (SBS) to improve riding safety. Komaki XGT Classic also has additional functions such as anti-theft warning function, extended BIS wheel for extra durability, emergency repair function, self-diagnosis function, multi-sensing system, colour smart panel system with wireless update function.

Komaki XGT Classic Price

It comes in a price range of 1lakh rupees (Ex-showroom price) with red and blue colour options.

Komaki XGT Charge

Komaki XGT Charge Super & Sport-Komaki XGT Charge is a top-quality bike with high performance. The disc brake ensures that you drive safely and stops automatically in the event of a sudden accident with a lead-acid battery and a lithium-ion battery.


Komaki XGT Charge Design

Komaki XGT Charge has a LED DRLs Headlamp and Tail Lamp similar to XGT Classic. It has Low Battery Indicator, Digital Speedometer, and Tachometer, Digital Odometer, Digital Trip meter, and Console, a Pass switch, and a Clock with a sporty design. It has an overall length of 1,860 mm, Overall Width of 720 mm, Overall Height of 1,130 mm with a decent range.

Komaki XGT Charge Specification

Komaki XGT Charge comes with a 1.22kWh maintenance-free battery with a 72V/ 20-30Ah capacity. It has an electric motor with 1.22 kW with 72V. It has a front disc brake and a drum rear brake with a Telescopic Shock Absorber front suspension and Hydraulic Shock Absorber Rear Suspension. It has front and rear tubeless tires.

Komaki XGT Charge Features

The Komaki XGT Charge has many advanced features like Mobile Charging Point to ease your journey. For safety purposes, it comes with anti-theft lock features and SBS for better safety. It has comfortable Sitting with lock by Remote features. Komaki XGT Charge has telescopic shock which makes it a noise-free vehicle. This bike has a very unique feature called an Emergency Repair switch. The combination of Synchronous Braking System (SBS) with raised BIS wheels makes driving on the steepest city roads safer. It has multiple sensors, self-diagnose, wireless adaptability features and a smart dashboard.


Komaki XGT Charge Price

It comes in a price range of approx 50, 000 rupees (Ex-showroom price). Its major competitors in the market are Palatino Ryan, Hero Electric Dash, Evolet Derby, and Indus Yo Xplor.

Wrapping Up

The best part about XGT is that it has a 72 V/30.5 Ah or 2.1 kWh Li-ion battery. It has a Synchronous Braking System (SBS) for a comfortable ride. About XGT Charge, it has a Mobile Charging Point and it is a noise-free vehicle. We have evaluated every aspect of both the bikes like specification, features, and design. We are confident that after reading this article, you will be able to choose between Komaki XGT Charge and Komaki XGT Classic electric bikes.

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Subramani Maniam
Bike body is metal?.
Subramani Maniam
Bike body is metal?.
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