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All About 2021 EV Expo
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 10th Aug 21

All About 2021 EV Expo 

EV Exhibition 2021 is the Eleventh Electric Vehicles Exhibition in India and will be held in Delhi, giving far reaching market experiences, incredible business openings and a stage for systems administration.

EV Exhibition brings to the electric vehicle industry the chance to grandstand, see and comprehend the most recent in electric vehicles, segments and administrations for advantageous and harmless to the ecosystem transportation of travellers and products. The exhibition guarantees that the right public and worldwide players grandstand their innovation and items to the right crowd, proprietors and administrators, makers and dealers.

The quantity of new dispatches in electric 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles just as battery and charging arrangements and so on demonstrates the need of a stage like EV Exhibition at this crossroads to give a genuinely necessary stage to EV producers to uncover and feature their developments. Opportunity can be given and advancement during the most recent year and a half, Rajiv Arora, Coordinator, EV Exhibition 2021, said.


A portion of the EV dispatches that occurred on the principal day of the Eleventh EV Exhibition 2021:

• Dispatch of e-bicycles - 'Helios' and 'Aiolos' by Supreme Smart Power Pvt Ltd. With restricted journey control, switch stuff and salvage highlight.

• Japanese organization Land Engines dispatched the L5 e-auto with contact LCD board, swing arm suspension and 6 seats. Likewise, an e-cart commercial with Drove show at the back was additionally dispatched, which will give an extra kind of revenue to the drivers.

• EVTRIC Engines Pvt Ltd. has dispatched 2 e-bikes and 1 food conveyance e-bicycle. The e-bike gets 12" tires with a ground leeway of 190 mm. Vehicles go around 75Km on a solitary charge.

• Delhi-based Remotos Electric Bikes disclosed the rapid e-bicycle and e-bike.

• Dispatch of Muver-Passenfer E-Cart and Hauler+ - loader E-Cart by E-Phil Electric with 100% Indian parts. The most recent EV charging stations were likewise disclosed.

• Altius Auto Arrangements dispatched a fast electric-bicycle with a scope of 120 km for every charge, at a reasonable cost of Rs. 45000/ - (after government endowment).

• Soni e-Vehicles dispatched an e-food truck with LPG chamber, hot plate and abundant stockpiling cupboard, space for menu show and so forth.

• Supreme smart Power Pvt Ltd. dispatches a wide scope of reasonable versatility answers for business and traveller applications.

• Matter Energy dispatches savvy secluded battery arrangements in the voltage scope of 12V to 72V with limits from 6 Ah to 200 Ah.

• The most recent savvy e-vehicle charging arrangements and batteries were additionally divulged at the exhibition.

EV Exhibition 2021 is upheld by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, Govt. of India, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), and ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology).

Around 80 Indian and Worldwide exhibitors will grandstand their innovatively progressed, contamination free 2,3, and 4 wheeled e-vehicles like e-cart, e-truck, e-bicycle, e-bike, e-cycle, e-loader are performed. Just as 4 wheeled vehicles at EV-Exhibition 2021. The most recent lithium-particle batteries, charging arrangements, vehicle segments and extras are likewise in plain view at the exhibition.


Need More Help?

EV Exhibition is the lone exhibition in India committed to the Electric Vehicle Industry. "End mile network" and "eco-accommodating" are the keys to the electric vehicle industry. To advance traveller accommodation and contamination free climate, the Service of Street Transport and Thruways has given rules for endorsement of e-carts and e-trucks, which will give a lift to the electric vehicle industry. The business should develop complex in a couple of years.

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