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After Maharashtra, Rajasthan announces heavy incentives for EV buyers
shayma Shamim
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Published on 13th Aug 21

After Maharashtra, Rajasthan Announces Heavy Incentives For Ev Buyers

After Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi policies for electric vehicles, the Rajasthan government subsequently issued an electric vehicle policy to promote the electric vehicles in the state. EV Rajasthan's policy focuses on the state's demand for vehicles through the introduction of financial subsidies for electric motorcycles and bicycles. Governments all over the globe are striving hard to promote e-mobility to protect the environment. Rising oil prices and global warming help many countries to develop large-scale electric vehicle policies. Electric vehicles are the highly preferable vehicle in India and many major companies like Tata and Tesla have already started their contribution to promoting e-mobility across the country.


Rajasthan EV policy

Rajasthan EV policy says:

  1. According to the Policy, customers can avail of this plan until March 2022. During that time, up to 20,000 vehicles can be subsidized. The amount of the subsidy depends on the battery capacity of an electric vehicle purchased by the buyers.
  2. If you buy a two-wheeled electric vehicle with a 2 to 5 kW battery, you will receive a subsidy of 5,000 to 10,000 rupees. However, compared to Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, Rajasthan has fewer subsidies for the purchase of two- and three-wheel electric vehicles.
  3. As per this policy of the Government of Rajasthan, customers who purchase an electric vehicle in the state will be reimbursed SGST (State Charged GST).
  4. When you buy a motorcycle or any three-wheeled vehicle, you get a subsidy of Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 depending on the battery capacity. You can get this amount into cash. This policy is in effect from April 2021 to March 2022.
  5. Buyers who purchase a three-wheel electric vehicle will receive a subsidy based on the vehicle's battery capacity. If the battery capacity of an electric bicycle exceeds 3-5 kW, the buyer will receive a subsidy of Rs 10,000 to 20,000.
  6. There are no subsidies for electric cars and buses in Rajasthan as the policy doesn't contain any information about EV cars and buses.

There are fewer subsidies for motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles as compared to the other three states like Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra, which have a more diverse EV policy. Motorcycles and e-rickshaws have become the leading electric vehicles in the country's zero-emission vehicle market. The growing consumer preference for passenger cars is due to the constant rise in fuel prices and the rise in maintenance costs of vehicles with combustion engines. Electric bicycles, on the other hand, work for ship operators, e-commerce collectors, and last-mile delivery service providers.These policies really help the natives to divert their routes towards e-mobility and choose electric vehicles.

Wrapping Up

As the Indian government has accelerated the spread of electric vehicles, they have increased their FAME subsidies for motorcycles. As consumer awareness of electric vehicles continues to grow, the electric vehicle industry has been in flux of late. This is reflected in the introduction of production units, infrastructure for electric vehicles, and new investments in the purchase of vehicles (mostly motorcycles and bicycles). Indian states along with the central government have their electric vehicle policies to encourage electric vehicle buyers and manufacturers to provide convenience to both sides. Recently, the Maharashtra government announced a comprehensive EV policy with many benefits for EV users. In June 2021, Gujarat introduced its policy targeting the production of 200,000 electric bicycles, including 110,000 electric motorcycles, 70,000 three-wheelers, and 20,000 four-wheel electric vehicles like cars. In August 2020, Delhi announced an EV policy that aims to include 5 lakh EVs in the city by 2024. India's traditional automotive hub, Tamil Nadu, was the world's first car company "Electric Vehicle Hub" already in September 2019 to attract investment of 500 billion Indian rupees.

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