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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review: Affordable And Adorable
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 16th Sep 21

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV Review: Affordable And Adorable

The Chevrolet Bolt has consistently been a decent (if forgettable) electric vehicle, particularly these days with more appealing choices joining the blend of Ford, Tesla, and Volkswagen. So with an end goal to keep up, Chevrolet refreshed its quart-sized EV for 2022 — in any event, giving it a greater sibling in the EUV.

The Bolt of 2022 is more engaging than any time in recent memory. Chevrolet patched up styling, updated the lodge and innovation, and added standard DC quick charging to make its electric hatchback more alluring. In addition, the base $31,995 asking value implies you will not need to burn through every last cent to connect.


The new Bolt looks flawless. It takes the standard funkyness of the original model and adds a sans grille front end for a more cutting edge look, thin light installations close to the hood line, and gleam dark accents that reach out to the side mirrors. Among other level confronted EVs, the Bolt's extraordinary "barbecue" plan comprising of trapezoidal components is the most appealing of the bundle.

We very loved the new taillights and their dark circles, while the 2LT trim tried here has a sharp arrangement of two-tone 17-inch wheels, instead of the base silver shoes on the 1LT model. The vehicle additionally wears a discretionary Bright Blue Metallic paint ($395) that gives it a bolder look than a portion of the no-cost silver and white.


Choosing the 2LT model additionally adds punctured perforated black leather-appointed named seats with trapezoidal itemizing to coordinate with the front end. Leather lines the directing haggle dab the parts of the entryway boards, however there's a great deal of hard plastic somewhere else in the lodge.

At its middle is another 10.2-inch touchscreen that sits perfectly inside the scramble, with lustrous gleam dark encompasses. The plastic bezel is inclined to fingerprints (just like the actual screen), however it feels less forceful than a portion of different applications we've taken a gander at.


The Bolt doesn't put forth a solid defense for being an agreeable vehicle in this classification. The leather seats feel delicate and extravagant to the touch, however feel like you're perched on top of them all things considered. Catapulting is feeble, butt and back help are too, and albeit the 2LT offers eight-way power support with lumbar customizability, we were unable to discover a truly open to seating position in our week with the Bolt.

To exacerbate the situation, wind and tire commotion routinely pervade the lodge. Driving the Bolt on the parkway is boisterous—anything over a sharp trip of town compels you to turn the volume handle upwards to shut out external clamor. And surprisingly gentle breezes push the tall hatchback on the roadway.

The back seat additionally gets a strong 37.9 creeps of headroom and 36.0 crawls of legroom, which are better than expected for the class, and passage and exit are simple because of a low section point and wide back opening. In contrast to some different hybrids in this class, the Bolt's 5.5-inch ground leeway makes passage a snap. Sadly, the Bolt just has 16.6 cubic feet of freight space behind the subsequent column, which is a most noticeably awful class figure—29.7 cubic feet in the Mustang and 30.3 in the VW.


The most clear ding here is that the Bolt EV doesn't offer Super Cruise, while the bigger Bolt EUV does. And surprisingly then, at that point, this $375 overhaul is just accessible on the 2LT model assuming you need versatile voyage control. All things considered, the driver-help framework does well in high-traffic circumstances. It naturally brings the vehicle down to speed up and speeds up on a case by case basis. Deciding on the 2LT model, you additionally get vulnerable side observing and a 360-degree overhead camera alongside path change alarms.

Besides, all variations of the 2022 Bolt come standard with programmed crisis slowing down, programmed high bar headlights and two of the best front and back confronting cameras we have found in a non-extravagance vehicle. The completely clear projection over the 10.2-inch full screen makes stopping such a great deal simpler.

Innovation and Connectivity

The 2022 Bolt gets a sharp 10.2-inch focal touchscreen with GM's most recent infotainment 3 Plus programming. As we've seen this arrangement before in numerous GM items, the home screen is perfect, designs are fresh and simple to parse, and contact matches those of current cell phones.

Remote Apple CarPlay and Android Auto availability likewise come standard, as does 4G LTE network; They didn't have any issues interfacing with Android Auto during their testing. The $595 infotainment bundle choice adds remote telephone charging, a superior Bose sound framework with seven speakers, and two USB charging ports (one USB-An and one USB-C) for back travelers.

Behind the guiding wheel sits a 8.0-inch configurable computerized group that shows driver help highlights, assessed range, power utilization, and that's just the beginning – relying upon how you need to utilize it. This is perfectly shown in three unique segments which makes it simple to see the provisions while driving.



The base 2022 Bolt begins at $31,995 before the obligatory $995 objective expense. This makes it about $5,500 more reasonable than last year and one of the most financially savvy alternatives in the whole class. Just the Nissan Leaf is less expensive to begin, looking for $27,400 and $975 for cargo — however the similar Plus model expenses $32,400.

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